Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Sincere Apologies To The Family Of The Late Arun Kumar.

Society owed you so much more than it dished out yesterday in the Courts.

All that claptrap about what might have been contributing factors in the actions of two little tow rags was nothing to do with guilt or innocence.

Entering the premises carrying a knife was evidence that death was at least a distinct possibility.

Maybe the appalling family (did what those two little bastards grow up in qualify as family), backgrounds that delivered us the killers of Arun Kumar really decide guilt or innocence or should it perhaps have been presented at sentence.

The whole Intent factor is of a much lessor moment in deciding guilt or innocence but its increasing use is starting to erode the small part of my residual  belief in what passes for justice c2015.

As I was alluding to yesterday in the case of the now twice convicted killer McLaughlin the basic premise of whether someone caused a death is now such an abstract matter, it is sickening.


The Veteran said...

GD ... apologies echoed here. Clearly a case of justice 'done' but not seen to be done. So, what's left? ... a grieving family and their faith in the law shattered and a twelve YO toe-rag now loose on the streets where he will bask in a certain notoriety among his toe-rag peers.

One thing for certain ... the Courts have not seen the last of him.

Allan said...

I don't know how the Defence Lawyer can sleep at night. I am sure that if one of her close relatives had been murdered by these low life scumbags it would have been a different story and she would have demanded a very long custodial sentence. Talk about bleeding hearts, a good hard working, law abiding citizen has been killed and a family has lost a loved one and we are meant to feel sorry for the scumbags who did it. Justice has not been served here.

Nookin said...

Allan, the jury acquitted - not the defence lawyer. Despite that, Iimagine that the defence lawyer does have problems sleeping at night. Not out of a sense of guilt but at the abominations that occur in a so- called civilised society that creates kids like this and tragedies like this.
Getting at a defence counsel is hiding from the problem and pretending it doesn't exist.

The family have every right to be anguished. Not because of the defence counsel but because there is a truckload of these kids walking the streets every night of the week and this is going to happen again and again.

pdm said...

Well put Nookin. However unless appointed by the court under legal aid, which is likely, the Defence Lawyer could have turned down the case.

Barry said...

Nookin, our "society" didn't create those kids, their parents did I think.