Friday, June 5, 2015

More On The Lindt Cafe Coronial.

NSW DPP is seriously opposing any inclusion of the murderer's continually receiving bail over six years on around 40 charges of sexual assault and attempted murder, on the grounds that such widening of the inquest is too distant a connection.
Excuse me, had the murdering bastard been in jail it is quite conceivable that Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson might  be enjoying daily coffee breaks at the Lindt Café instead of being still dead and the central focus of the coronial inquest into how they died.

As here, in our excuse for a justice system, NSW citizens are exercised as to how such scum remain free when they are a proven danger to others, their Bail system in the hands of soft crim hugging judges allows such travesties to eventuate from the actions of criminal nutbars.

I support the families of the innocent victims in their wish to have a blowtorch applied to the y-fronts of those who perpetrate such judicial molly coddling. This coroner has a one off chance to allow sunlight to expose what so many see as unforgivable actions in creating danger to law abiding people going about their lives, free from the mindless actions of such scum.

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