Wednesday, June 3, 2015


The news that Labour's Justice Spokesthingy, Jacinda whatshername, has committed her Party to repeal of the three strikes legislation shows conclusively she is totally bereft of any political nous and thank God for that.

She has allowed herself to by rolled by the left wing of her Party and the Greens and, in doing so, has handed the Government a huge bat to hit Labour with come election time when Loranorder comes up for debate as it surely will.

The three strikes policy resonates with middle NZL and that's where elections are won and lost (and yes, it was an ACT Party initiative and due kudos to them).     Labour is on a hiding to nothing in committing to repeal the legislation.

BTW ... if you check Hansard you will see that Labour and the Greens raised not a peep against Clauses 288, 289 and 290 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 which mandate a version of the 'three strikes' for both licences and managers .... in truth, they were supportive of the initiative   Anyone care to spot a certain inconsistency of approach here?


Anonymous said...

the middle class is outraged that people can still walk around with untold violent convictions, and be free. Labour never ever learn. Sometimes I wonder if they will ever get back into power. Why do they keep excusing scumbag crims?

gravedodger said...

The stats are so revealing and throw a curve ball to those who claim no deterrent effect from capital punishment.
It must be the Judge, articulating the warning.
Of course if the current idjit pseudo journalists fail to promote the very telling stats including 1st strikes, 2nd strikes and the so far total absence of 3rd strikes then David Garretts magnificent work could be consigned to file 13 and voters will be basking in ignorance while wondering why crime just gets worserer!

Angry Tory said...

We don't just need "Three strikes and you're out"

we need "One strike and you're swingin.. at the end of a 6' drop!"

actually forget that, we just need to gun up the cops and let them deal with crims.

Andrew Berwick said...

Those crims don't need punishment - they need punishment!

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

The fact that there has yet to be a 3rd strike awarded tells me that there is a good chance that it is working. During my time working in the courts I've seen some evil bastards come through and be given 1st then 2nd. Most if not all of them are still inside so are unable to qualify for the 3rd.

The other system that works well is Preventive Detention. One numpty reinforced the need for his PD by smacking me in front of the High Court Judge. Patrick E will probably never come out.