Monday, June 15, 2015

Life's Little Dramas.

Well hardly a drama more domestic Koro Lounge inanity perhaps.

I mused to swmbo that I felt 'scones' coming on for morning tea on a cold bleak morning at around 6 degrees outside
Her reply was a succinct alternative of 'pikelets'?

I magnanimously suggested we could consider the options and perhaps make both but then added that would be daft.
So I began listing some further options such as a toss or a simple compromise.
'What would be the compromise" she asked, " we do it your way", I replied, and that folks might just be a small part how a relationship is into its 53rd year and going great.


homepaddock said...

This reminds me of a story told by a reporter interviewing a couple who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

She asked the inevitable question of what was their secret.

The woman replied that they divided decisions - he made the big ones and left the little ones to her.

The reporter asked for some examples of the little decisions.

"Where we live, when we buy a new car and what model we get, when and where we go for holidays . . ."

The reporter then asked for an example of the big decisions.

The woman replied, "What the United Nations does."

pdm said...

Sounds like home after 45 years and a few months.

gravedodger said...

ROTFLOL, accurate to the point of embarrassing, but no regrets eh.

btw very unlikely swmbo will read this so let it stay that way.