Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Just The Ticket

Just what New Zealand needs.

The Australian navy has pushed a boatload of asylum-seekers from Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka who were bound for New Zealand back into Indonesian waters, police on the archipelago have declared. 

Boatloads of illiterate, unskilled illegal immigrants from the poorest countries in S E Asia, heading for good old NZ, the fall back destination now that Australia is closed to people smugglers.

Adolf and The Cook spent a few days in Thailand in 1995 and I can report that twenty years ago there were said to be two million illegal Bangers squatting in Thailand so this people problem is nothing new.  What is new is the organised transport of them from one country to another.

But fear not, Kiwis.  Winston will be at the wharf, standing on a box, turning them all away.


Anonymous said...

They aren't immigrants. A better term would be invaders.

The Veteran said...

There is an established process for refugees wanting to enter NZL. These 'asylum seekers/illegal immigrants' (call them what you will) are queue jumpers pure and simple and deserve no sympathy whatsoever. While the Tasman is a pretty effective barrier there is no doubt in my mind that someday a boat will get through. At that point I expect the Government to act and take them back from whence they came. To do otherwise and we are sending a message that we are an easy touch and the floodgates will open as the people smugglers access bigger boats capable of making the journey.

And the bleeding hearts will cry foul and I say tough.

As usual Winston is trying to have a bob both ways calling for an increase in our refugee quota and I say nuts to that too.

Howie said...

"There is an established process for refugees wanting to enter NZL."

Really? Perhaps you can try explaining that process to us all. That would be funny.

"I expect the Government to act and take them back from whence they came."

That would be illegal under New Zealand law. Why do you what your government to blatantly break its own laws?

The Veteran said...

Guess Howie ... You continue to amuse. Ever heard of our 750 annual refugee quota and how that is managed?
If not, try Goggle. With a modicum of help I'm sure you'll manage through.

As for turning them back and Yes, I am aware of the govt's contingency plan and I disagree with it to the extent that I would prefer the Aust solution. Queue jumpers are queue jumpers and deserve no special treatment.

Don't like it ... tough s**t. Complain to Andrew or James or the Sheila. They'll give you a sympathetic ear.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Please quote the particular statute to which you refer.

Pour out upon us the decades of your accumulated legal wisdom.

Then you can fuck off.

Noel said...

Given one cannot turn back boats in international waters. Must have been in Australian waters suggesting they were having trouble differentiating between flags.

2016 referendum will be a resounding no regardless.

Noel said...

Oh it gets worse.
Latest claim Australian navy considered shepherding to New Zealand but we opted to reduce Australia's problem in PNG instead.

Problem with that approach many haven't had their past history vetted because it's impossible to do so.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... re referendum. I too will be surprised if we vote to change the flag even though I am not adverse to change Per se. As said previously, the alternative would really need to grab my imagination for me to vote for change and, to date, only one of the suggested alternatives comes anywhere close.

Two additional points. As I move around the country I am surprised how many in the 18-30 demographic are warm to the idea of change but I don't think they will turn the vote. The older demographic is more likely to be change resistant and is more likely to vote.

Second. I think the RSA made a tactical error in opposing the process. They come across to generation XY as arguing against the right of people to have their say. Far better that they kept their powder dry until the second referendum and then campaigned full-on for retention.

Noel said...

Perhaps we could have saved a lot for more hip operations by simply voting for change in the first referendum.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... nah. You have to know what the alternative is in order to make an informed judgement call.

Andrew Berwick said...

I would prefer the Aust solution

I prefer the original Italian solution: sink 'em.