Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Joe Hockey 200 000 Fairfax 0

In the run up to Hockey's first budget The Sydney Morning Herald, The Melbourne Age  and The Canberra Times published under a headline "Treasurer For Sale" an assertion that The Federal Treasurer could be bought.

Politicians who resort to suing take massive risks, if the law had found that claim was indeed true and the story suggested that expensive entertainment offered to business leaders was the basis of their claims, then Joe Hockey would have seen his career go down the gurgler.

 However he won and Fairfax have hit a road bump in their obsessive opposition generated daily against the Libs who dared to end their hot favourite's chaotic time in government.

The State Broadcaster ABC is on a similar crusade and their very tawdry effort a week ago on the flagship Q & A when soaking wet lefty host Tony Jones handed Zaky Mallah a platform for his Daesh support antics, and then one week later made very ill advised defense of what most considered indefensible.  Mallah is a convicted criminal after he threatened the lives of ASIO Officers and he recently 'tweeted'  respected journalists Miranda Devine  and Rita Panaho should be gang banged, a really nice young man, not!

With Mr Shorten watching his polls sink into the mire, the Abbott government enters the weeks of their winter recess looking considerably more competent and electable than six months ago when their leader had a very close brush with political death.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Interesting but little reported is the fact that up until this latest lamentable episode from a most un-Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Minister Turnbull has been a staunch defender of the ABC within the Liberal caucus.

No longer. Turnbull now is on the attack and I think the arrogant lefties who infest the national broadcaster one day will look back and realise that 'Zaky Mallah' was the unwitting architect of their demise.

Just give them enough rope.