Sunday, June 28, 2015

It's Huricanes Vs Highlanders.

After two really good games of modern rugby, class defeated arse and the very best bit for me was the whining and squealing from Kearns and Kafer as another of Cheika's thugs got their beans from Craig Joubert.

That swinging arm from ex Transvaal bovver boy was his only way to stop Osborne from scoring beside the posts and that it was revealed in the slowmo to check if the ball had reached the line was the icing.

It is clear to anyone with more than a passing understanding and passion for the modern game that the man who is moving to head coach of the Wallabies had as a central driver to ramp up "physicality" and it is also well understood that that is the new term to allude to "smash em bro",  "don't take a step back", " big hit", "push and shove' or any of the other euphemisms used to describe old fashioned thuggery.

After a rather serious effort by Cheika's monster Skelton and his 'tonto' Lotu, I posted on May 26th  on that example of the  Waratah  mindset,  what made that worse IMHO was it occurred well after the whistle, at least last night,  Potgieter's rather desperate effort  was in the heat of play.

I do not favour a red or yellow unless the offence is very serious, League "putting such incidents on report" so they must be reviewed by the judiciary is a better system, and when sports betting and last ditch results such as finals are involved, much fairer.
That said Joubert last night was very clear, deliberate and he involved lazyboy bound George Ayub throughout coming to his decision.

Go the Canes and the Skirts next week.

Oh and the Warriors had a good day out at Mt Smart as a curtain raiser.

With no Saffa teams in semis and now only the two NZ teams in the finals it is now a serious problem of complacency for Hansen to overcome, but for Jamie Joseph and Chris Boyd and their two teams it is just a marvellous opportunity to be enjoyed, and for the rest of the rugby public a wonderful   opportunity for a great game at The Cake Tin.


The Veteran said...

Really looking forward to the final and while my head will be with the Cains my heart will have to be with the underdogs. I know these are franchises but North vs South couldn't be better.

Have to say looking back at Sydney and could I suggest that a penalty try and a ten minutes in the bin was a step too far. I'm not convinced the so called 'swinging arm' stopped the try. Penalty and 10 minutes Ok.

gravedodger said...

I note Chieka is quoted in the SMH as blaming the Assistant ref The game I was watching had CJ asking TMO The perennial armchair critic George Ayub for advice and then asked if he, Georgie agreed and it was a bit hesitant but at least Ayub saw fit to agree.

The Tahs lost that game with a bloody shocker, cant recall who it was but one player was saying a week ago that with their week off the blues would be unbeatable and it did not matter who came to play.
Sad case of remain silent and be thought stupid than speak and remove all doubt.

As to the Yellow card apart from the Penalty try the Southern men scored no more points while Potgieter was in the naughty chair but the knock ons, the forward passes, the turnovers and the passes to nobody continued unabated.
The Warratahs were a classic case of a team that needed to play last weekend while the Hurricanes came out firing as if they had.