Thursday, June 18, 2015

Is Bovver Boy Bill Getting Prepped for Surgery?

One year ago Bill Shorten was the toast of the Canberra Parliamentary Press Gallery as the much loved leader of the media's fav political party. Once the destruction of Abbotts government was accomplished, King 'Brutus'  Billy would ascend the throne he has sought  since forever.

Today alas, he is not far away from just plain toast.

Incredibly the luvvies who worship the ground the ALP walks on, in large part from the actions of highly unionised journalists,  ignored the facts well known to many less biased among the followers of federal politics.
Bill Shorten was the man who carried the shiv that was used to wound Kevin Rudd who had swept John Howard and the Liberal Country party coalition from power after four successive victories only to become Billy Shortone's 1st victim when Bill  used his Union based muscle and tactical nous  to install the left wing of the ALP faction leader Julia Gillard three years on.

'Brutus' then  reinstated  KRudd again three years on after days of undying loyalty expressed to Prime Minister  Gillard who the polls had handing Abbott the biggest  predicted federal victory possible, calmly plunged the shiv, in what to Bill was just another nothing personal just business action.
Brutus having ended three sitting PMs time in the lodge  then rode to the top job as federal Opposition leader defeating Anthony  'Albo' Albanese and then became almost untouchable utilising the Rudd initiated leadership protections that make it much more difficult to do what Shorten has made an art form.

Today with plunging polls and a tidal wave of baggage from his days as the National Secretary of Bill Ludwig's mafia like AWU aka the  Australian Workers Union, it is all  starting to unravel.
While in that role Billy negotiated "deals" that gave the AWU war chest millions but didn't always turnout so good for his members and as recent revelations suggest created members who either did not know they were members or worse did not even exist but for the companies striving to prevent strikes crippling large projects, Bill Shorten  guaranteed industrial peace worth many more millions to company profits.
In one such case he actually negotiated lower conditions and pay for already low paid cleaners in his "negotiations"  that in reality were all about Bill Shorten's  political  ladder scramble funding.

Today Faifax Media who have along with the ABC been reluctant to the point of almost total silence as they have ignored the rising tide of damaging evidence coming out of the Coalition established Commission of Inquiry under the Hon Justice  Dyson Heydon  that was set up over the vehement protests of the ALP and as the waves get bigger the reasons for that are becoming more understandable,  revelations that have ended the Victorian senate whips employment for Shorten's successor Cesar Melham are no help either
Billy has dogpoop on his shoes and with Fairfax editorialising on such troubles he really is becoming an endangered species.

The ABC is still largely staunch but even their support is crumbling as a three part Documentary by Sarah Ferguson titled The Killing Season with a warts and all revelation that recounts much of the activities of what was originally "The Faceless Men" of the ALP back room  machinations but is now revealed in Technicolor as the Ides of March starring William Richard Shorten aka Bill aka Brutus.

With a third and final episode still to screen, the documentary has  harnessed the narcissistic personality of Rudd, the belief she can continue to rewrite history desires of Gillard and some extremely graphic contributions from senior staffers to justify their actions.
Ferguson's effort is lifting many veils from things the ALP will wish had remained well hidden but for Billy Brutus Shorton Brains it will make his upcoming surgery a certainty and his prognosis very poor.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The odds are shortening for Shorten to get the chop

Angry Tory said...

Unions the world over - or in the Welfare West at least - are endemically, systematically corrupt.

It is instructive that the US Constitution has no right to "association" only to "assembly"

It's time for Abbot, Key, Cameron to follow Scott Walker's example and purge us from the scourge of unionism
(which after all is just another name for Communism).

Take a moment to reflect how different Aussie would have been had the '51 referendum gone the other way!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


short in stature

short on brains

short of tenure