Monday, June 29, 2015

How Much Was Mr Stupidistupidwas Required To Contribute By Worksafe.

Yes the idiot who misused equipment lost a leg and was awarded $35 000 in compensation for the loss of a limb.
An employee of Tree Scape Ltd,  an Auckland arborist contractor used his foot to push remnant branches into a roadside chipper slipped with the other foot on loose gravel and had the hopelessly  inappropriate leg being used as a "pusher" drawn into the chipper leading to a later  amputation.

Was the insane act by the worker that was the primary cause of the "accident",  that was in no way a bleeding (pun intended)  accident,  only an act of gross negligence,  calculated as to his contribution to the rather messy outcome  in arriving at the penalties and recompense decided.

The judgement ruled the company failed to take all steps to prevent the act of gross stupidity and has been fined under worksafe law,  for failing to prevent a worker using his foot to push branches into a chipper, the sum of  $24 750 in the Manakau Court.

I will assume the retard was wearing a Hi Viz Jerkin, Ear Muffs, gloves, goggles and a hard hat all supplied by the company.
The pity is they didn't check if he had a functioning brain under the hard hat.

We will never know if the company had fully briefed the somewhat deficient in brain cells  idiot on what exactly a chipper does to bits of tree limbs that it devours and blows into a waiting truck and it is rather difficult to believe  the worker could not work out that tree limbs and human limbs are rather similar in shape and structure and the machine would be intent on treating his foot and leg as just more to be chipped.

Never mind the $59 750  will just be included in future budgeting as  a contribution to the cost of doing business and future users of Tree Scape's  services will just pay more.
The chute that was blocked will be lengthened to beyond what one leg might require to be trapped in the feed rollers and the next stupid fool will lose both feet, probably his life and the company will be fined an even greater sum possibly enough to bankrupt it when he uses both feet to push the remaining branches into the machine.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I remember being told over thirty years ago that if I didn't actually tell a prospective customer to put the handbrake on, his new tractor might
roll down the hill and I could be sued for damages. (That was in Australia.)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Forgot to ask, did they use the mulch for blood 'm bone?

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable, I can't find one person that supports Worksafes ruling on this, if you have half a brain to work at Worksafe, clearly that's all you need.