Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gilbert and Sullivan, where the bloody hell are you

Just as people thought the implosion of Colin Craig' s folly could not get more farcical it just did.

Colin Craig has been enabling his personality cult masquerading as a political  party to remain a plausible entity in MMP but the rot set in with a vengeance in the closing week of the 2014 campaign.e rot set in,  When Rachel McGregor resigned abruptly in the last days of the election campaign wheels started coming off and it has become a slow train wreck since.
Her explanation was along the lines of irreconcilable differences.

Now months after that trigger that turned a rising poll figure from threatening the 5%  MMP threshold to the margin of error and thankfully converted a disaster into just normal difficulties that MMP creates in forming an administration, the side show continues

What has become reality is that Craig has singlehandedly become the joke in  public eyes that closer observers of politics merely wondered how it made it as far as it did in the mists of the jungle

Conservative Board member John Stringer had had enough and went on a TV  show last weekend to  explain as best he could, what of the then wreck might be salvaged.  For his troubles was informed he would be required to account to the board for his public display of breaching board confidentiality.
Throughout the week just passed, that board has been pruned, by a torrent  of resignations, to leave  just one member as the rats leapt off the still sinking boat and today one week later it is John Stringer, the only one remaining to hear the complaint against him and decide what sanction he will suffer.

Of course the "membership" will elect another board and it is certain  that Craig will decide who that cabal will include but if anyone thinks it will result in another Conservative Party entity they should be under Psychiatric care.

That does not preclude a TV drama and or a stage musical from being created from the inspiring megalomaniac  events of recent times

In the meantime the other 99% of the voters will just carry on and the debacle will only enter their thinking when another chapter of the farce becomes an item on a slow news day

Coming shows, "The Primate OF Pissants", "The Gonedrownliers",  "HMS Bintherebefore"

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