Saturday, June 20, 2015

Gee I Feel Better Already, Thanks Popeye.

The Pope, who it was finally decided by Pius the IX in the 19th century is "infallible" after centuries of that dogma merely being a central plank in  theory on such matters, has come out as a committed supporter of the concept  that it is profligate man who is cooking the planet!

As the head honcho of a bunch of misogynists who see no problem with having far too many sprogs  as  a duty, even though in the ghetto they only create exponentially greater problems, who harbour and protect sex-offending paedophile clergy, who ignore the potential of half their flock as leaders and preachers because they don't have a penis, suddenly, on the basis of his Marxist early life becomes an expert on a science that is in deep doo doo as the last two decades refuse to conform to the AGW, now climate change meme by refusing to actually get warmer.

Now I accept that the church of Rome does some good works around the world but any such kudos are of extreme doubt as to real value when measured against the way their dogma contributes to so much misery, not  vastly  different from another bunch of mind owning clerics with very similar irresponsible attitudes to negative outcomes from a totalitarian control concept and profligate breeding.

As a modern leader of an organisation that too often seems stuck in an age long gone, the current occupant of the Vatican top table place of authority has made some laudable moves to pay a subscription to the 21st century.
However it is essential that this latest dumb throwing his weight behind a scientific theory, still under some considerable doubt and one which if it had all the potential for financial advantage removed would only lie in basements of most teaching institutions gathering dust and mould, comes from an equally benighted forerunner group of religious authoritarians who cast Galileo as a heretic and confined him to house arrest for the rest of his life because he dared to publish his findings that Copernicus was correct,  the earth was not the centre of the universe but was in orbit around the sun.

That is a great reason to ignore this latest attempt by a preacherman, albeit  a fairly heavy hitter, to make  another  declaration as a main point in an encyclical that as Pope(ye,) carries weight well beyond its real worth.

Hoi Mr Holy Dad,  here is a better way for you as a crusading Pope to leave the planet a better place from a much more effective suggestion for improvement,  particularly in some of the more challenged places looking for,  a better quality of life.
Stop the failed discredited opposition to rooting for fun, using contraception as an aid in sex for pleasure and start encouraging your flock to limiting offspring to numbers that the parents and lovers can actually deliver for,  rather than making them screwed up cotcases from just following their desires fired from centuries of genetic drivers to copulate.
Now there is a theory that is totally supported by science.

Over population particularly in areas of the globe in serious danger from a declining ability to feed clothe and shelter people is a massively more serious matter than a very minor rise in average temperature that may or may not be influenced by human activity but which it is well established will enable vast areas of the world to grow more food, and give a more clement place to live for many  souls.

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