Tuesday, June 23, 2015

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

That quote from Mahatma Ghandi needs a rewrite to edit out the bit about fighting as it was self immolation and the ending to be, "and then you lose"

Colin Craig and his foray into the NZ Political Landscape as leader of a one man band under the Conservative  Brand with a confused and convoluted use of that nomenclature,  had a Quixote thread about it except no one,  not even its flaky leader and funder in chief had any idea what the windmills actually were.
His opposition to sale of state assets, even part sale of a minority shareholding, a non negotiable view on binding referenda,  the high moral positioning, abolishing of Maori seats, opposition to sales of land to non citizens, ending the emissions trading scheme all contributed to a mishmash of policies clearly targeted to attract those who might cast their vote on single issue policies.

In that, the Crazy Colin image succeeded when judged on where apparent support emerged from in the political spectrum to an inflated 4%  that threatened the 5% speed bump before the McGregor fiasco applied a handbrake.

That said the gathering up of McVicar of SST and the ageless until she appeared on the telly Christine Rankin were promising moves but with the sudden departure of Rachel McGregor in the last days of the campaign it all ended in electoral disaster.

"I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest." a quote from Churchill from 1939 that when it has the word Russia changed to Craig possibly was a very good summary of the now  imploding latest manifestation in NZ politics to carry the title 'Conservative'.

Laurence and Karen Day must be more than a little chagrined to watch their considerable investment in the  very strange man at present still excavating an enormous hole, much bigger than necessary, to enable the burial of  the still disintegrating dreams of a man being separated from his money and still a work in progress, being burnt before their eyes.

The socialists were in rapture as Craig mopped up an eventually unrepresented 4% of the voting public that should have made the task of the Key Government much harder if not impossible.

So who  is happy to see the wreck that is Craig's very personal and flawed foray into NZ Politics, well Mr Key must be very content that he did not succumb to the misguided pressure to hand Craig a seat ala ACT's Epsom, with East Coast Bays seat at present held by Maurice Williamson,
Add in  the other very puzzling as to its influence from the Fat Krauts equally strange and equally dysfunctional manifestation.  Surely if a valid lesson is ever required to end the ability for great wealth to be wielded as an electoral weapon it is at least very tarnished if not entirely discredited.
Peters and his personality cult,  given a boost with its success in the Northland bi-election must have his eyes on the detritus, also assorted lawyers who seem to be very close to Craig's litigious  mind-set at  all times.
So who will be dismayed, well all those who thought for whatever reason that Craig could deliver, who will for the most part just sink back into the swamp on the edges of the Nats fortress,  the hangers on who have made hay from Don Quixote Craig or was he merely Sancho Panza  on "Dapples" and Don was a figment of a fevered albeit moneyed persons mind

The latest apparition to circumvent the CR rump in the form of David Clark's Members Bill to end the Coat Tail provisions of MMP indicates a certain desperation from the socialists in their manipulations around the rather open opportunities of MMP that the left have failed to utilise apart from the rather tawdry as it turned out, efforts by the Troughmaster General in Wigram.
Is it at all likely the NZLP will see an opportunity to mop up some of the GP vote that it could regather   from disillusioned harder left supporters with a split of the NZL party into social democrats and old labour, not that that will change much it will just cut the pie into different servings.

The left of politics must be very upset that the implosion has totally undermined any traction they might have been generating on housing, alleged poverty and other tired old memes that were still bubbling along with dedicated efforts of the chatterati.
Crazy Colin's latest drama still apparently unfolding as I write, is doing an already struggling Little Party no favours at all.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I think you might find Murray McCully firmly ensconced in ECB.

cribble said...

Yep. Maurice is Pakuranga

gravedodger said...

Yes It was McCully some suggested to go away for Craig thanks for the heads up.

Not that McCully or anyone else in National agreed.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Labour have proposed changes to MMP which, amongst others, proposes to lower the threshold from 5% to 4% to get across the threshold for a party to be in Parliament. You realise if this had have been in force last year, Colin Craig would have been MP, Leader of the Conservative Party as this farce unfolded. People who are promoting this change must have rocks in their heads. We dodged a bullet there.


Anonymous said...


For heaven's sake man, go and get help to learn to write properly.

Your paragraph-long sentences obscure what you are attempting to say. It isn't easy to grasp what you attempt to impart if its submerged in over-descriptive waffle.

If you speak like you write, you would clear any room of an audience.