Friday, June 19, 2015

Evolution or Revolution?

In 1972,  yes 43 years ago, a bunch of idealists began The Values Party of NZ with one Tony Blunt as leader to address what they saw as threats to the planet.

That environment based movement contested the next four elections but under FPP failed to ever convince an electorate to send one of the lobby group to Wellington.

The leadership passed to another Tony,  Kunowski this time and later introduced Jeanette Fitzsimons and Rod Donald as Co Leaders of the Green Party who with  the move to MMP  that they made a significant push to establish,  eventually cracked the 5% of the nation wide vote to sit in the big house.

Ever since those embryonic days in the early seventies there has been a potential schism threatening what is now The Green Party between those who have the environment as their principle driver and another bunch,  hard left socialists that include committed communists who saw a golden or was that a green opportunity to gain political relevance for a dogma that emerged from the working class of the 19th century and long since consigned to the rubbish bin of history as unworkable.  Not much has changed and that flaky hard left discredited theory has kept  the Green Party side-lined from participation in government basically everywhere but Germany

With the malaise, world wide eroding a position in the political landscape for the remnant workers party mostly under the title of Labour, Labor in Australia, Greens are subsuming the position of old socialists as they convince greater numbers of voters they are in fact a more electable alternative to  oppose current ascendant centre right administrations.

This shift has been thrust into sharp focus in Australia, with the upper house, The Federal Senate creating a road block for the Coalition to repair an inherited budget black hole, with The Green Party there pushing Labor into irrelevance, giving a move by the Abbott government, support to enable a major revamp of superannuation that will deny the most wealthy access to pension benefits. Inexplicably the dopy labor morons, maybe due to preoccupation with the current troubles their leader Shorten is undergoing as more voters come to question his suitability, are dying in the ditch and watching Di Natali make serious inroads as an alternative opposition.
The Australian Greens made a move to depart from a rather corrosive leadership style including the unfortunate TV image of Christine Milne, to a more urbane and apparently pragmatic Richard Di Natali who left Labor wallowing in disarray by giving support to The Coalition in the pension revamp in superannuation that puts more in the hands of the poor and cuts the wealthiest out altogether, moves that will improve the budget by billions.

That said spare a thought for the task Di Natali faces as he has a leg iron in the being of Sarah Hansen Young who with all the gravitas of a year nine blonde who just loves to "get on the Telly" then like a dog chasing a car is confused as to what next after it stops and she catches it.

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