Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dear Mr John Key, Updated

Update as at 1500 hrs from Amy Adams Office great news!
I am in receipt of a copy of the press release from The Hon Peter Dunne assoc min of health authorising  a one off permit to import and use elixinol, a CBD product. Dunnes response came within a day of receiving the application, so ups for the govt and maybe some information on how it turns out.to come.

good luck Alex.

Some of your tactical nous baffles me but with your successful survival over a decade I admit you seem to be right more than wrong  in the eyes of the voters.

However I am at a total loss to understand why your Minister of Health, your Minister of Justice and your Minister of Police have not made Medicinal cannabis oil available on prescription for Alex Renton.

Morphine is a narcotic,  is addictive and in the hands of criminals a scourge on society yet it is carried by Paramedics, Drs and hospitals as a recognised palliative in pain relief.

Warfarin is a rat poison yet it is still in use as a blood thinner in controlled prescription doses.

If any of  those treating Alex after two months of comatose existence believe that Cannabis oil could be of some advantage to the poor bugger why not accept that as the minister of everything it might just be worth while to allow it to be used as a trial because if it was me in a 60 day coma with the prognosis that seems totally beyond the understanding of the Drs treating me then immediate observed administration of medicinal cannabis oil as a treatment would be an absolute minimum as a next step when nothing else is working and deterioration seems to be the current status.

Yours faithfully.

Disclaimer I am no advocate for altering class A, B or C drugs for use in general, I have used no other drugs other than Nicotine, Alcohol and those on prescription or over the counter.
That said my humanity has me totally supportive in this case involving Alex Renton.


Anonymous said...

Strychnine? Do you mean Warfarin?

gravedodger said...

Corrected Thankyou.