Monday, June 8, 2015

Couriouser and Couriouser

Only this time it aint Alice who is asking, it is an increasingly questioning Australian Body Politic.

KRudd's lasting legacy to his almost destroyed ALP as he departed after the third botched dispatch of a Federal Prime minister with Bill Shorten's finger prints all over it, was the adoption of a system of challenging a sitting ALP leader that is going to be of enormous assistance to the very same Bill Shorten who is watching his poll figures going down the toilet as leader of the Federal ALP

Another storm is brewing as the almost interminable Royal Commission of Inquiry into Union Governance and Corruption becomes increasingly focused on matters pertinent to Shorten's rise from the ranks  of the AWU to join all his other AWU sponsored  mates in the ALP.

When Brandis and Abetz set up The Hon Dyson Heydon QC to inquire into Australian Union governance and corruption, the entire ALP who have built their whole raisen d'etre on union muscle were appalled and afraid of what might be revealed and they were right about that.
The business leaders are not exempt from the graft and corruption that they acquiesced to for the simple expedient of buying industrial peace but the way the wannabe Federal PM and his union buddies went about milking the abject fear of company chiefs with prepaid protection described as "training and safety" which was then morphed into phantom memberships to augment votes for AWU  approved   political candidates,  has  all the hallmarks of bribery and corruption on a grand scale.

Julia Gillards time at  Slater and Gordon, acknowledged Union legals, before her Federal MP life, when in cahoots with a certain Bruce Wilson, took little brown bags of dosh for "expenses" from slush funds she had a hand in setting up, is bad enough but it was the darker things such as the unfortunate Bob Kernohan who was brave or stupid enough to decline to accept a safe federal seat in exchange for keeping stum. Now inexplicably Bob declined the 'offer not to be refused' and for that and his designated treachery he was given time in a hospital for reconstructive attention following a beating by thugs allegedly acting for the  AWU.

Even with out the storm clouds emerging from the evidence to the Heydon Commission, Bill Shorten's graceless, shallow, puppetlike persona is more than enough to allow voters to assess the mans inability to do the job but as with so many such offerings the longer the exposure the more apparent the shortcomings that are revealed.
Of course, as it is here now in NZLP ranks , it is not a simple matter of a caucus working out that they have a trotter in a gallops race, the protocols around changing jockeys is now so much more convoluted and that might just prolong Shortens grip on power.

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