Saturday, June 6, 2015

"CATS" Returns.

Yes the Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical is making a return to Auckland Theatre scene you lucky people.

However it is not the stage musical initiating this post.

Maggie Barrie, Garden Show supremo as the Minister of cats (the ferals), who has highlighted an astounding idiocy at the people's choice charity, the neutering and subsequent release of stray felines by retards that inhabit the NZRSPCA

Now I used to be an unquestioning supporter of what the RSPCA does in its work on behalf of animals under threat from mongrels, ignorance, neglect and sometimes overwhelming financial pressures.

One day around 25 years ago in another world on our Wairarapa farm we received a surprise visit from an inspector who had travelled from Featherston some 50 plus Kms away to investigate "emaciated dogs" as a result of a complaint.

At that time we owned two teams of sheep dogs of three each for my partner and self plus two Labradors and the mandatory Jack Russell. Most were in very healthy working condition with two exceptions. My partners heading dog was overweight from a very good natural ability to conserve body weight on a restricted diet, my Heading dog, a litter brother was ADHD, that although fed around twice the rations of any other resident canine,  was in a word, light. Scrawny was an accurate description,  kennelled separately in a run with a box attached, regularly wormed and in spite of our very best efforts remained in a condition that fashion promoters still perpetuate as an "Ideal".

It took very little for the inspector to reassure herself that the complaint was totally unjustified and in fact mildly admonished us for SWMBO's plump dog while unequivocally accepting the challenges that my version of "Twiggy" presented.
The Head Honcho of the Wairarapa RSPCA was an acquaintance so I asked him if he wished to perhaps ascertain who had made the complaint that had incurred some costs to be met in investigating the clearly false allegation but he declined as it was just a cost of doing their often unenviable job.
That was when my financial support for their work ended.

Now should I have any inclination to review that status, the total garbage decision to neuter and release cats to continue the carnage they perpetrate among our Native bird populations that from eons of living without any danger from predators on the ground are unable to combat naturally, it aint about to happen anytime soon.
The considerable costs of neutering as compared to ending life is inexplicable in the extreme and if that is any indication of the financial nous of those who make policy then my money will be on going to see Mr Mistoffelees, rather than Bob Kerridge's  clowns.

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