Sunday, June 14, 2015

Canadian Supreme Court Rules On Medical Cannabis.

Cameron Slater has covered the decision of the Canadian SC effectively decriminalising the use of Medicinal Cannabis in all forms.

In the afterglow of Hon Peter Dunne's belated conflicted decision as a one off, to allow the family of Alex Renton to access cannabis oil as he lies in a coma of over two months duration and failure of many differing relief treatments to reduce the almost continual neural seizures Alex is suffering,  this is for many a significant ruling.

Some years ago now I had my implacable opposition to decriminalising, legalising or any other relaxation of the law around Cannabis demolished by someone who's views I have always regarded for logic and good sense.
Neither of us afaik have any connection to the recreational use of the weed but that person turned my beliefs  180 degrees.

I have always had a healthy regard for the clear and obvious failure of the US post WW1  prohibition laws that saw the explosion of organised crime,  manifested in events,  that despite the best efforts of Hollywood were always brutal destructive and totally opposed to any respect for the law.
The vast sums of money, prohibition engenders will always work to circumvent what law abiding citizens mistakenly believe such laws will achieve and it continues with the current multi billion illegal trade in amphetamine type drugs.

If  the ignorant think there will be no health repercussions from recreational drug use then I see no alternative to education as a control and it may mean some pretty ugly education protocols to get that message through. Of course to a member of generations who have imbibed alcohol I see the irony in that questionable position.

So it is with some relief  to me the CSC has recognised the tide of de-criminalising what more and more people see as a completely legitimate belief in using cannaboids as relief for pain, brain disorders, some anxiety conditions and that such people are subjected to laws  outcomes history should have convinced all, prohibition will not control, is very bad law indeed.
I am not advocating for removal of the clear societal advantages that accompany controlling supply and demand pressures of opiates, cannaboids, amphetamines, and other drug families that idiots will first sample and then become addicted to or otherwise dependent on.
Also I accept that working in fields where others are directly endangered from substance affected responses by others must be addressed by mandatory testing but that is easily placed as a basic participation protocol.

So fronting a pharmacy or a GP to access alternative treatments that largely because of the criminalising laws, effectively preclude much of the research effort, is for this old conservative a good move and maybe it will take a saner and more open minded minister than the clearly declining old man at present in that  chair to advance
It is very clear that Possumhead's very misguided and chaotic responses in the face of socalled "legal highs" cause more problems than they solved as has the increasing potency levels of todays weed and blooming availability of the dreaded "P".
Did prohibition fuel such "progress", it is certain it did not reduce it.

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