Monday, June 8, 2015

Asylum Seekers

The new Greens chappie has announced a revised policy on asylum seekers.

First they must not be referred to as illegal immigrants.  Such a demeaning and offensive term.

Second, they must not be subjected to the horrors of a long sea voyage in a leaky old boat.

Therefore, as the price of collision with Labour, The Greens will demand that the NZ Gummint charters a fleet of 747s to fly these innocent unfortunates from Burma and East Pakistan to NZ.

Of course for a flight of this duration all seats will need to be business class.

Correction (BTW, dear readers, I told you nearly a year over two years ago this would happen.)


The Veteran said...

Hmmmmmm .... Asylum Seekers/Illegal Immigrants/Queue Jumpers. Call them what you will ... a pig with lipstick on is still a pig and these people are paying people smugglers in order to seek to bypass the established process managed by UNHCR. And with Aust no longer a soft touch they turn their attention to NZL ... funny that ... what's not so funny is the encouragement given them by the Little man who now has it that the government should investigate whether or not they are genuine refugees and take them under our 750 (plus or minus 10%) annual quota.

Queue Jumpers of the world unite. Your Messiah is nigh. He's also daft. This will resonate with middle NZL NOT.

Andrew Berwick said...

Call them what you will


Italy (unlit last month) was right. Sink 'em.