Sunday, June 7, 2015

Alan Bond Was A Crook.

And his death from complications following heart surgery warranted no more than one paragraph on the Obituary page of the WA Today.

The perpetrator of frauds involving billions that brought untold misery distress and even likely early death to many, who was convicted and sentenced to seven years in the pokey is being lauded as a hero who won the Americas Cup from a Dennis Connor skippered boat after some 100 plus years of US domination.

Yes he funded the successful campaign skippered by John Bertrand in Australia II during the wild west days of excesses and debauched spending that spawned so many corporate crooks who wished to be seen as rich cowboys but were by and large eventually revealed as flawed crooks who misappropriated, manipulated and just plain stole billions of other peoples money.

I will make no apology for speaking some truths about a recent departed, that said I respect and pause to feel sympathy for those who mourn a father, ex husband and a sometimes very successful corporate leader but I decline to join in the charade of lauding a death that for thousands only reawakens hurt,  pain and disgust.

Rene Rivkin,  Christopher Skase,  Rodney Adler,  Former WA Premier Brian Burke and that is but a sample and not one "Robin Hood", just common garden 'hoods'.

The late Kerry Packer summed Bond up after selling Channel Nine to the now deceased Bond only to buy it back some three years later for around a quarter of the original one billion price tag;
"you only get one Alan Bond in a life time and I have had mine".

Will the Media do a similar orgy for the recently voted "most hated Australian" languishing in a British gaol, I guess  it is possible from a discredited entity with a shallow ability, total disregard for ethics  or standards and a tabloid mindset.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's not a good idea to speak ill of the dead.

I can tell yo many many Western Australians regard Bond as a hero who did more to provide jobs for ordinary people than anyone else.

gravedodger said...

Adolf, I would in most cases agree, I thought long about whether to post or not and it was the media ignoring of the serious criminal events in his life that IMO trumped his very real and outstanding accomplishment around AC yachting and the work opportunities you alluded to.
Yes, while I acknowledge his very considerable business achievements I am rather exercised with the ability of "bankrupts" to squirrel away so much wealth while paying paltry cents in the dollar to those whose money they have financed their success with.

I agree many took advantage of Alan Bond's business life and I guess there were similar numbers who lamented the demise of Capone, and all the other Mafia bosses who created work opportunities.

I had such feelings and consideration for the life and times of Alan Hubbard and was gutted when his empire fell over but I am today, much more sanguine about Hubbard's legacy with such real results in successfully paying so much more back in reparations to his investors as I think AH was taken by his underlings and becoming old and out of touch, whereas AB was in the driver's seat before during and after.

I don't know if you have caught it but David Garrett, Rodney Hide and others have been casting some serious aspersions around how the NZ Official Assignee and Liquidators function here in Godsown and some of those tactics and outcomes as revealed, possibly contributed to my abandoning a normal response that you may have wished I had continued around speaking ill of the dead.