Monday, June 8, 2015


The Prime Minister's antics on TV1 this morning when he quipped to Ali Pugh that "she was glowing" and then proceeded to give her a peck on the cheek after she revealed on air that she was five months pregnant represent a new low in his behavior.    I fully expect Ali's partner to sort out Key and give him a good thrashing to within an inch of his life while all power to Mr McCready should he decide to launch another private prosecution.

This harassment has to be stopped .... Key has to be stopped.   Next thing you know he could be kissing YOUR baby.   He has crossed the line once too often.   Heaven forbid that I should be agreeing with 'The Stranded' and Bomber Bradbury but this time it was a kiss too far.  

I can tell you this for sure ... were Andrew Little to kiss my wife I would punch his lights out ... were Metiria Turei to kiss me I would quarantine myself immediately less it be catching.




Noel said...

See.... explains why more are turning from tv and newspapers for news that's important to their lives.

gravedodger said...

Hi Vet would the Fashion statement be worse or worserer than either, H1 or H2?
Wouldn't you just 'Haitch' that.

Noel said...

Got some good news.Only 2 percent of the eligible voting public watch the program.
Therefore no influence at all.