Friday, May 1, 2015

You Better Pad up Murray, You're Next up.

Murray McCully has a job opportunity as Lil Ole NZ has a dopy bastard locked up in China for carrying kilos of drugs when 50g will get additional ballast in the head and it wont take the Chicoms ten years to get to the messy bit.

Yes I sometimes break laws like speeding, over time parking and drink driving on the basis I will most likely get away with it but if caught it will only impact my wallet and not as Mr Peter Gardner will soon discover  the impact will be on the back of his head.


The Veteran said...

Yes GD, one thing you can be certain of is that should he be found guilty then the appeal process is relatively quick .... no decades on 'death row'.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese have been accommodating in the past with commuting death penalties to life WOP(the Chinese citizen who skipped Auckland after stabbing to death a taxi driver), but I don't think they will be so likely to cooperate when the crime is committed on their patch. If the guy is found guilty after a fair trial, I hope he gets his bullet, and I think that any representations from McCully will be politely listed to, then ignored. I feel sorry for McCully - diplomacy sometimes demands you swallow dead rats - it's just part of the job.


Ghost Of Greenwood said...

Illicit drugs are evil. They corrupt and destroy everyone who involves themselves with them. From Terry Clark to Aaron Cohen to John Belushi.