Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wouldn't You Think They Could See It Coming?

The Labour Party that is.

Over recent days Andrew Little has made a bit of a dick of himself over superannuation.  First he proudly announced that Labour would review the eligibility for Gummint superannuation with view to restricting entry.  Winston Peters whispered in his ear that this was a piss poor idea and Little immediately backed down.

They've handed John key the next policy he can steal from Labour.

In recent comment threads here and elsewhere a number of idiots have bleated that means testing super is horrendously expensive and non productive.  Mr Key may also have hinted as much.  That was the sucker punch.  I can assure readers that my age pension is means tested in Australia and it is a laughably inexpensive and simple process.

I'm required to go online and report each fortnight my earned income for the period.  A friendly computer programme calculates the amount by which my income will reduce my pension.  For those who like detail, the first $500 is given a free run and after that every dollar earned reduces the pension by 25c.

It's just so  simple.  If I make $60k per year I don't get the pension.  What could be fairer?

So I predict now that Little has been suckered into kicking a vote winner into touch, Mr Key will shortly announce the means testing of the age pension to ensue that rich bastards like Bob Jones and Helen Clark don't get fat on the taxes of dinkum Kiwi Battlers.  You see, he only ever promised to leave the age of eligibility alone.

The Gnats will easily win a forth term and Mr key will retire half way through, leaving the caucus to elect Judith Collins as its next leader.

Funny as a fight.


Hubert said...

Do you think? I think a fourth term would allow Murray McCully to secretly give away another God know how many millions of dollars to millionaire Saudi businessmen in return for nothing. At the rate he's going they will need to means test the pension. That would be as funny as a fight.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No no No, Hubert. What really IS funny is watching all the leftie troll dickheads like you grinding your teeth is exasperation as it all happens before your very own dumb eyes.

Hubert said...

No no no, Adolf. What really IS funny is watching all the tory squawkers studiously ignore the blatant incompetent corruption the government for whom they are mindless cheerleaders is undertaking. That nasty communist Matthew Hooten is being mean to you by exposing it.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

I'd advise next time to actually vote Labour. At least they are honest about the fact that they are beholden to PC, social engineering, increasing taxation and expanding the welfare state. National are too, but they pretend they're not when they need to get elected . . a striking similarity to the UK Tories in that respect.

Anonymous said...

So Adolf, you only have to go online every 2 weeks and declare your income, and no-one would ever ever possibly tell a porky would they, coz we know all those 'rich pricks' are always so honest and never use smart accountants or hidden trusts to hide their real income eh? And there's never been a "poor" son or daughter claiming a student allowance whose parents 'only' earn less than $25,000 in their Paraetai Drive mansion or Karaka stud farm either?

It's not the declaration that is difficult, it's the annual 24 page IRD questionnaire and declaration of assets that all those receiving the pension are required to complete - and that is the hard part, and which is an administrative and expensive nightmare. Think of all the lies you can tell in 24 pages.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Marc, I didn't think you were sosilly.

People who tell porkies are caught out by data matching via IRD and the employers.

Noel said...

Due to unforseen circumstances our income is only from superannuation.
Any extra income is limited to 5000 dollars.
Threshold for all perhaps?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Noel please tell me how that works. Who limits your extra income?

Noel said...

Sorry didn't describe that properly. We can earn an additional income to 5000 before our superannuation is reduced.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Is that NZ Government superannuation? Australian Government superannuation abates after about $5000 income but I don't worry about that. All I can see is the extra 75c going into my bank account.

Jimmy said...

"Australian Government superannuation abates after about $5000 income"

The result are massive marginal tax rates and the end of incentives to save for your own retirement or work post retirement age. Excellent, we should so try that here.

Noel said...