Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Woah Bach The Truck Up Tom.

International Olympic Committee Supremo has been thinking and it is a worry, Thomas Bach the crusading President made a suggestion that New Zealand could apply to run the four yearly event.

Now I didn't notice whether he was referring to winter or summer Olympics but it is of no import.
WE would struggle to finance a bloody bid Tom, cripes that could be half a billion and that wont include the bribes.

Then say five billion to stage them and that might cover facilities  and venues.

What about the thousands of troughers who wont pay for anything let alone a bed and a ticket who will represent the IOC, management committee,  the participating sports international executives, non participating sports desiring to attend plus  all the "I must be seen there" celebs, hells bells Tom we haven' even counted a single athlete let alone a trainer, a psychologist, a fitness guru, a dietician, a spiritual adviser, someone to carry  the bags.
They cant sleep in the freakin sand hills Tom we were stretched beyond civilised limits to accommodate the Rugby World Cup.

What planet does he live on, open your bloody eyes you cant sleep in Sydney and take the tube to Auckland, jeez, Lascivious Lennie cant fund a freakin tunnel without a major financial crisis.

Darryl The Castlle Kerrigan had the only answer for Tomas Bach "tell him he's dreaming"

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Noel said...

About time though the change of emphasis on massive engineered stadiums that are never fully utilised after the event.