Sunday, May 3, 2015

We are so Lucky!!

Stuff are making a capital case from the allegation that a brother of a Cabinet Minister in the Key administration is facing sex charges.
They then go on to ask why;
The minister cannot be named,
That Carmel Sepeloni was stood down as Opposition spokes person on social welfare when her mother was facing charges of benefit fraud,  thus creating a precedent?!
The judge declined to hear The Sunday Star Times on a hearing to overturn the decision to prevent the publication of the Ministers identity.

The media are such simpletons.
The Cabinet Minister is not involved.
The Minister's brother is not in the government.
Carmel Sepeloni was much more involved in her mother's case due to some rather odd questions she raised in the house prior to her mothers case becoming public knowledge.
Many people on such charges obtain name suppression in the initial stages of court proceedings and it is does not require an IQ larger than a waist measurement to consider naming of the minister might just allow the name suppression for the charged defendant to be subverted

No this is just mud slinging by a bunch of lefty agenda driven hacks masquerading as journalists beating up on a government they wish to have removed from office for pure ideological reasons.

President James Earl Carter had a bum brother Billy but it is a stretch to conclude that the, until O'bama turned up, the then worst modern President was 'his brothers keeper'.
The old saying you do not choose your relatives is so succinct.

I am a very ardent opponent of much of the name suppression that emanates from our seriously at times dysfunctional justice system but this latest posturing in a vain attempt to portray John Key eating yet another medium rare baby with hypocritical sauce is pathetic.

Indeed we are so very lucky to have skilled, trained and so focused media persons bringing us the important news so promptly, accurately and free of any bias.


Howie said...

"Carmel Sepeloni (sic) was much more involved in her mother's case due to some rather odd questions she raised in the house (sic) prior to her mothers (sic) case becoming public knowledge."

Really? How so? And you don't know if there was any knowledge or involvement by the Cabinet Minister, as you don't know any of the details. It does appear that the tories are reverting to type though eh?

Howie said...

Who said this recently:

"Carmel Sepoloni (sic) is in big trouble, her mother appears in a district court on multiple benefit fraud charges, Angry Andy makes Carmelstand (sic) aside from her spokesperson role.

Expect full disclosure of the demoted MP's phone records, including texts, to establish the timeline as to what she knew and when.

I mean to say, what was Ms Sepoloni (sic) thinking about not nipping this matter in the bud."

Hey, it was you! Yet with this case, which is far more serious, it's an abomination even to disclose who's involved. Why is that I wonder?

James Growley said...

Bill Ralston was correct when he said that most MSM and their Left card carrying journalists wanted to see an end to Key and they will do anything to accomplish that.

Howie said...

Yeah, James, those lefty scum, like Mike Hosking, Paul Henry, Julie Christie, Fran O'Sullivan, Mark Weldon, oh and Bill Ralston. The whole industry is chock full of commies, top to bottom.

The Veteran said...

Howie ... you've got it. And that's why the media is rated by many as below that of the world's oldest profession.

To the case at point .... just what was your position on your beloved Helen Clark appointing John Tamahere to her Cabinet with his brother banged up for murder?

For the record I think this was a non- issue. The 'proven' sins of his brother should not have impacted on his appointment.

Equally, the 'unproven' sins of the unnamed Cabinet Minister have nothing to do with his/her ability to do the job.

Great to see the gutter media seized with the really important things concerning our country.

gravedodger said...

Just what is the abomination that the name supressed Minister has to answer for, I understand it is an adult sibling facing indecency charges, but I am certain even in your ignorance you will just make sh*t up and throw it in the hope something sticks.
Be careful you get the wind right as it could land on your face.

Howie as there is absolutely no known Tory still living, in case you missed it the last Tory administration in the UK was in the 19th century when in around 1850 the remnant Tory Party split to form the Liberals and the conservatives.
So could you name say 10 Tories still alive and living in NZ as it could be of great historical and biological interest, even one would be pretty remarkable.

To transfer a much misused UK descriptive for your political opponents reveals an understanding bereft of any connection to the truth.

As the Tory party grew out of the reign of James the sixth of Scotland to reign over England as James the first.
After the scuttling of the Stuart pretender Monmouth, the bastard brat of Charles the second to affirm the succession of James the second, I am content you misuse the term in addressing me.

Also the politics of Toryism had its roots in the royalist cavaliers who overcame the roots of the socialists who managed to put Olly Cromwell up as dictator of England with his bloody march through history that was the basic politics of the Whiggs who were named as an abbreviation of Whiggamore, ie cattle thieves. Not much has changed in over 300 years eh.
Since Cromwell's murderous mob were referred to as 'round heads' could we abbreviate that to 'Fatheads' to describe socialists in NZ c2015.

Oh btw Sepeloni was up to her armpits as an MP with a close shadow welfare spokesperson role seeking information that could have been of assistance in the defence of her Mum on Fraud charges relating to benefit fraud involving Welfare.
That is a lot shorter "arms length" than just being born a sibling to someone up on charges unrelated to a Minister's official role even if that role involved courts, justice, police or crown law.

Your picky corrections to script that emanates from my phone when on remote links is tiresome and unnecessary imeho.

Have a very nice day it is so nice here after 100mm of rain since ANZAC day.

Howie said...

"Oh btw Sepeloni (sic) was up to her armpits as an MP with a close shadow welfare spokesperson role seeking information that could have been of assistance in the defence of her Mum on Fraud (sic) charges relating to benefit fraud involving Welfare (sic).

Bullshit. Prove it. What helpful information was she seeking via a parliamentary question that wasn't publicly known or avaialble via an OIA request?

As I say, we don't know what involvement the Cabinet Minister may or may not have in the matters at hand as the information is suppressed.

As for Veteran's faux point about Tamihere, we knew exactly who, what and when about that, so could make a judgement about the fitness of J Tamihere to hold a Cabinet position. See the difference?

Thanks for the screeds of useless information on toryism. Be sure not to call anyone a commie now, won't you?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

School holidays are over. How come little Howie is still roaming the streets? Time to call the truancy cops.

Howie said...

Lamo burn, as it's Sunday, old fella. I know you find it hard keeping track and all. Tories never know what day of the week it is.

The Veteran said...

Howie ... you strike me as an angry windbag socialist with a chip on both shoulders and an 'Ageist' to boot. Hardly a poster boy for the Labour Party of old which my Dad tramped the streets for ... but then my Dad was never a misfit ... unlike many of the Chardonnay swilling effete in 'modern' Labour who have abrogated their role as Her Majesty's Opposition to a xenophobic Party led by a modern day John Frum who almost makes the UKIP look respectable.

gravedodger said...

Howie if it looks like a commie, acts like a commie, promotes commie ideology and smells like a bloody commie then it is a sure bet I will call it for what it appears to me, and you have a very distinctive odour.
And don't bother with the (sic), I fear you are borderline sic(k) to a degree that is scary.
btw dipshit 'commie' is a very current descriptive unlike your pathetic attempt with Tory.

Howie said...

Wow, you ladies can really only resort to spewing abuse when cornered can't you? You're not very good at it - a symptom of your generally dull wits.

"unlike many of the Chardonnay swilling effete (sic) in 'modern' Labour"

ROFL, the what now? Buy a dictionary, guy.

The Veteran said...

Howie ... 'effete' adjective, over-refined and ineffectual, studied, pretentious, worn out, exhausted, finished, powerless.

Got it ... fits you to a 'T'. Do you know how stupid you paint yourself when you invite me to buy a dictionary.

But back to your muckraking point. What say you about the senior opposition politician who has a patched gang member for a brother. The gang at the forefront of drug manufacture and distribution with a side-bar for robbery and prostitution? .... just askin

Howie said...

"'effete' adjective"

Why yes. Yes it is. Now go and look up the definition of an adjective, and then a noun. You stoopid.

"What say you about the senior opposition politician who has a patched gang member for a brother".

Who cares? As I say, however, the revelations of the past couple of weeks certainly show the National Party reverting to type, yes? Who's next I wonder? Mm?

scotty said...

Way more potential conflict in this case than carmel.. way more!

scotty said...
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