Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Trivial Pursuit

Welcome to the world from a committed Royalist to HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of the house of Windsor.

In the meticulous analysing  and searching that would have gone into  the gazillion connotations that would have accompanied the choosing of the names of  4th in line to the Monarchy, I wonder if the welsh word formed by her initials was investigated.

Hello Mustard.


homepaddock said...

So many things for parents to think about with names and initials . . . I worked for a paper whose style was to use initials and surnames. One woman wanted to be known only by her first name, Veronica, or the initial V. I checked the electoral roll when I got back to the office and found out why - her second name was Dawn.

alwyn said...

Given that her Grandfather is, and her father and brother will be in time, The Prince of Wales one certainly hopes that they thought of it.