Tuesday, May 12, 2015

They did not happen on "country roads" stupid!

 Two more people were confirmed dead on Sunday night after a two-car crash on Christchurch's Northern Motorway, near the Main North Rd.
The result of the SH1 at Belfast, two dead.

Lets assume all the nice sheeple of a rural community drive at 40Kph then a freakin idiot from the city comes for some excitement,  runs amok and causes a multiple causality crash involving several cars with bodies headed for the local morgue and the Muppet Cliff,  as in Dave not Lemming  will be calling for rural roads to be at  5Kph with a pedestrian carrying a red flag.
The fascists will not publicise  the true facts from that horrendous Mothers Day weekend,
Fact one,  two die on the Christchurch Northern motorway just out of the city limit at Belfast a part of State Highway 1
Fact two,  three die on State Highway 3 just outside Marton.
Fact three,  three die in a people mover crash on State Highway 2  near Tauranga.
Fact four,  a motorcyclist dies on State Highway 1 north of Auckland.
Nine of the ten died on state highways Mr cliff, is your disappearing bonus clouding your ability to make rational informed statements. Rural roads my arse, they happened on our best funded, constructed, monitored and engineered roads and good luck with reducing speeds on motorways and Highways that pass through rural NZ.
Dave Cliff is becoming increasingly irrelevant as he lauds low death toll weekends as a police success while a bad one such as that devastating for so many  effort for Mothers Day Weekend is all the fault of speeding on Rural roads.

Check your "best by date" Dave, it is well out of date and you are no longer fit for purpose.


Psycho Milt said...

Hey, if the crash is outside the city limits it's in a rural area, so the spin is grossly misleading but not actually a lie - that's pure propaganda gold, it doesn't come higher grade than that. The question of why the NZ Police need a propaganda arm is of course a different one...

The Veteran said...

Folks ... one swallow does not a summer make, nether does one weekend of mayhem on the roads measured against a generally trending reduction in the road toll.

I am suspicious of those who would use what happened last weekend to push their own agendas.

I would be equally suspicious that a weekend free of deaths on the road could be interpreted as enabling us to sit back and relax and congratulate each other on a job well done.

For what it is worth I think many of our roads are substandard notwithstanding the huge and belated investment now being directed at road improvement.

But the real 'killer' is the 'quality' of our driving which closely resembles that of a third world country and I defy anyone to argue the toss on that.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You're right Vet.

Over here when some idiot is seen doing something stupid on the road he is described as a New Zealander on holiday.

Budgieboy said...

Vet, there is no doubt our roads are substandard (and dangerously so) but thank god the Greenies are nowhere near the levers of power to kill what are some awesome roading initiatives - those that are either under way or are coming.

I notice Police HQ want to go after speed!!! Give me strength it is nigh on impossible to get over 85 - 90 kms down here in the South Island roads. I'm a 'set the cruise control' kinda guy that hates paying more tax than I have to (fines are just a bloody tax so I avoid them like the plague) and I can promise you that unless you are a 'mad max' type lunatic that the nanas and the nitwits will ensure you'll never go 100kms per hour for any more than 5-6 minute stretches of any journey.

Personally, while getting the roads up to scratch is huge, maybe less revenue gathering and some educational tips for those that happily drift down the highways with 20 - 30 cars up their arse might be helpful.

To be fair we all have times and reasons why we can't keep up with the safe maximum speed of traffic but when that's the case - get out of the way!!!

Psycho Milt said...

one swallow does not a summer make, nether does one weekend of mayhem on the roads measured against a generally trending reduction in the road toll.

Yes. Either the cops don't understand statistics, or they think we don't and are trying to bullshit us for their own ends. I expect it's the second one, but neither reflects well on them.

Tinman said...

Very few roads are substandard. Most NZ roads are exceptionally good, particularly considering NZ's population.

That leaves us the appalling driving standards.

Were the NZ road police to actually try and do something about that driving standard and preventing the frustration of so many caused by those appalling drivers the road toll would lower further very quickly.

Howie said...

The Police do not set driving standards, so how could they "do something about it"? Besides, it's a myth. Other than letting teenagers behind the wheel far too early (thanks to shrieking rural folks), our licensing system is as good as anyone's. In Europe people can't drive before they're 18 and are priced out of their cars as it's so expensive to obtain a licence, and I'm sure no one wants that here.

From an outcomes perspective their road tolls are lower, but this is mainly due to the quality of the roading networks and much newer fleets (although the recent and much hated lowering of the BAC here will help).

The road toll is lower now than it was in the 1950s anyway, so Vet's actually right about that.

Anonymous said...

It appears several of those killed in these accidents were "thrown from the vehicle". So the assumption is - no seatbelts. Hmm, who is responsible for that state of safety awareness... Darwin?


Exclamation Mark said...

My favourite piece of sound bite bullshit form the police after a serious crash or road fatality is "Speed was a factor".

Of course it fucking was, no one is crashing stationary cars.

This is a nice way of shoehorning almost every crash into the 'speeding' category without having to prove that the driver was actually breaking the speed limit, something they can never claim without eyewitness evidence or their own radar readings.

Paranormal said...

Howie you've missed the big comparison - how the Europeans teach their youth to drive. Sweden is arguably the best: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Driving_licence_in_Sweden
That's what we miss out on - the training of our drivers to handle the varying NZ conditions and understanding the risks.

Having had a number of European Au pairs I would suggest 18 is too old. Driver training needs to start much earlier as by 18 they are out driving greater distances. There is more control on a 15/16 year old as they do not have the economic independence or work commitments to have too great an exposure on the roads.

Anonymous said...

You are all giving the coppers too much credit.

We have to remember Joe Plod isn't a copper because he excelled in anything. By and large he ended up there because he wasn't able to do anything else. Just another arm of the bureaucracy.

Anonymous said...

In sympathy with you Exl. Mark:

News: Three killed on Harbour Bridge accident involving motorcycle, 3 cars and a truck.

Police Serious Crash Unit is investigating.

This is the last sentence inevitability on a radio or TV readers report.

FFS, it would be news if the serious Police Crash Unit wasn't investigating. So lame. Notice how often it is used.


Howie said...

"That's what we miss out on - the training of our drivers to handle the varying NZ conditions and understanding the risks."

That's not really what the Swedes require. Anyway, the approach here is by and large the same, just less long-winded and expensive. I like the way they require the parents to do a driver training course. Imagine the squeals of outrage if you tried that here.