Thursday, May 21, 2015

There Is A Very Good Reason For That Figure.

in fact more than one!

In a reasonably constructed and delivered Leaders reply to Simon Says Budget, the recently elected Member for Northland focussed on neglect of the regions, quoting the 9.9 umemployment figure as evidence of Nationals neglect in his adopted homeland

Very sorry other little man but should you conduct a survey of a randomly selected  thousand of those without a job what be the number amongst that sample who would fail a drug test so necessary to be accepted for so many jobs today and in particular in those on offer in his new homeland involving forestry, driving and other machinery, health and safety if you will.
I wonder with the raising of benefit payments if such a poor outcome will only be exacerbated.

The latest rate of job seekers has dipped below 6% and here in The City of the Damned it is still above 5% with nearly 20 thousand apparently unable to find work. Meanwhile there is enormous opportunity and a visit to a supermarket quickly reveals a real influx of young people clearly here and working, Irish, East Europeans,  Asians  and they all seem by appearance and dress to be working.
So Mr man for all seasons what are the 18800 quoted in the latest figures I can find, on jobless here in Canterbury actually doing.
OK say 2% between jobs but with stand down rules that will be generous, and accepting that with fair and generous rules allowing those with a valid reason to be taking early tirement as sick, disabled and mentally unfit, that leaves remaining a large pool of bodies and more than enough tasks offering a job for them.
It becomes hard to remain charitable and accept they cannot find a job Mr mfas, it is much easier and reasonable to wonder if they have chosen 'workshy'  as a role in society.

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