Wednesday, May 6, 2015

There Is A Massive Gulf Between Protocol and Homophobia in This Event

I see the Dumbarses at Stuff have joined the Pack Rapists from Fairfax Australia.

Peter Hartcher, an award winning scribbler in Australian Media did a hartchet job on Tony Abbott that was based on a massive lie.

Abbott was due to arrive at a French Airport on Anzac Day and as things are done in such events just dripping with long established protocol, Ambassador Stephen Bradley accompanied by his toyboy best friend was waiting to greet his Prime Minister.
Now it is quite straight forward, should Mrs Margie Abbott be accompanying her husband then the Ambassador will have his "spouse" in tow to do the greeting thingy, but as Abbott was not accompanied word was sent ahead to make things correct and that if the openly homosexual ambassador who incidentally was honoured by the Abbott administration last Australia Day, was accompanied it would be appropriate  for the Ambassador's partner of some 20 years to wait in their car.

Now Tony Abbott is not even close to homophobic , he , like me only opposes it being compulsory. His freakin sister is Lesbian.

Not for Hartcher to let an opportunity to dish the slipper though, he goes on full attack to "get Abbott" because he ended the nightmare of Krudd, Gilliard and Krudd again, to save Australia from endless ever expanding deficits bequeathed by that master economist Wayne Swan who couldn't make change for a $2 icecream from a five dollar note.
In a disgusting over the top making stuff up scribbler's attack, he claims Abbott called ahead to have the second poof removed from the welcome.

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Noel said...

"only opposes it being compulsory"

Eh? Not sure how any sexual orientation could be "compulsory".