Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Hot on the heals of David Milibrand's criticism of brother Ed's leadership of the Labour Party comes the news that Lord Sugar of Clapton, has quit the Labour Party in disgust just four days after the election.

Sugar was born in Hackey, east London, the son of a tailor and living in a Council flat.    He left school at 16 and started working in a greengrocers shop and selling car aerials and electrical goods from the back of a van expanding the business to found the computer company Amstrad which he later sold in 2007 to BSkyB for 125 million.    Sugar prospered to the point where he is now one of the UK's most successful businessmen and philanthropists worth over 1 billion. He is the former chair of Tottenham Hotspur and a major donor to the Labour Party.

In his resignation statement he said  "In the past year I found myself losing confidence in the Party due to their negative business policies and general anti-enterprise concepts they were considering if they were elected. I expressed this to the most senior figures in the party several times. I signed on to New Labour in 1997 but more recently, particularly in relation to business, I sensed a policy shift moving back towards what Old Labour stood for".

Sugar will be a huge loss to Labour.    A person who started from the bottom and worked his way up. No silver spoon, nothing handed to him on a plate ... but understanding that for workers to prosper business must prosper too.   A concept chardonnay socialists have great difficulty getting their heads around.   For them the class war continues and must continue.

UK Labour's great step backwards was rejected by the electorate in spades.   Interesting that in NZL the Labour Party under the 'inspired' leadership of whatshisname is charting the same course.    The good news is that history has a habit of repeating itself.


pdm said...

Vet - sounds like you mean HE WAS a major donor to the Labour Party.

Anonymous said...

Sugar of AMSTRAD (Arthur Sugar Trading Company) is the Original De Boy.
His original head office was his mum and sister, and other rellys.

The Veteran said...

Hmmmm .... I see there is now a 'falling back in' with Nigel Farage, the UKIP Party leader that was, now deciding to withdraw his resignation after "sitting in a darkened room for a time".

Clearly a case of 'act in haste, repent at leisure'. Do I detect a certain synergy between the UKIP and Winston First.
Just as WRP is NZ First, Farage is UKIP.

The Veteran said...

One final comment/observation .... the fascist BNP (British National Party) under Nick Griffin scored 564,000 votes in the 2010 General Election. This time round they scored less than 2,000 under their new leader Adam Walker (Griffin had been expelled from the Party last October).

Question ... where did those 564,000 votes go.