Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Dwarf Trifecta

Word has it UK Labour are about to anoint a new leader, one Harry Small.  Nevr heard of him.

Thus will Labour achieve the hitherto unattainable trifecta of world politics.

The Dwarf Trifecta.

NZ has Little, Australia has Shorten and now the dozy Poms appear to be putting up Small.

Can you just see the pommy tabloid headlines?

Upon his elevation:

Head and Shoulders Below Everyone Else

Upon a favourable opinion poll:

Small Rises

Upon an unfavourable opinion poll:

Small Stalls

Chatting with party conference delegates:

Small Talk

Upon missing underwear (remember Malcolm Fraser?)

Small's Smalls

With the party executive;

Small Minds

Upon a front bench reshuffle

Small Reforms

Upon his ouster;

Small Falls

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