Friday, May 8, 2015

That is just hyperbolic nonsence.

As the jihad attacking Gloriavale loses momentum, a new attack is launched from a base of Maoritanga.

The internet  has a term for the raising of any link to Nazis, called Godwins Law, a need arises for a similar term for linking anything and everything to Maori.

It is being suggested in lunatic circles that if Gloriavale was based on Maori culture and mores,  the authorities would be far more proactive in their response.

I hold no candle for what Neville Cooper aka Hopeful Christian and his clearly touched followers and evolving leadership are doing at Lake Haupiri but in the total absence of a complaint the law is unable to act. Many if not most thinking New Zealanders will be puzzled as to how a bunch of people will submit so completely to the whims and mind control of a self styled leader but it is not as if it is either a first nor will it be a last.
Breaking Laws is a very tenuous theory , acting in ways that are a complete mystery to all who value freedom of speech, movement and association although credible do not amount to lawlessness in what I understand Gloriavale does in its pursuit of happiness.
In my book, strange as their systems and culture seems, they are free to follow Cooper.

That said to suggest if the community was Maori things would be any different is laughable,
Does Ratana receive any scrutiny from authorities.

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