Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tax? Levy? Fee? What Is In A Name?

One of the minor items in Simon Says today, sees a $16 fee for inbound tourists and a $6 impost on outbound. The costs of increasing requirements at our air ports will be in part met from this user pays surcharge. Fly you pay Stay home and you don't pay, seems fair enough and yes I know it wont stop at $22 pp to travel.
One airhead media person, looking as always for the negative, bemoans the extra hundy for Mum Dad and their spawn to go to the Gold Coast gee that means a few less ghastly Aussie beers,  they will be better off just say Thankyou.
Of course anyone who has watched one of the many reality TV exposes on border control will have an insight into the excrement our Biosecurity and Immigration people have to endure from all the halfwits who pretend ignorance.

On another matter Simon Says enough on the Two Billion, I and others have been paying to  subsidise rich kids and smart citizens who joined up for Kiwisaver as a kickstart to savings. Savings my arse it was OPMs and it generated bugger all change to our reliance on the state to provide everything. One bit of good news the Ball is Over and the half Billion saved over the next five years will contribute to the relief of Poverty sorry hardship. However so long as we define the poverty level at 60% of the median income it will never make a blind bit of difference in fact it will be peeing into a strong wind.

The only truly bright spot in an afternoon I will never get back was watching the NZLP temporary leader and current poet laureate descend further into political oblivion with a clear entry for the worst ever budget reply speech. In 20 minutes of pathos and ongoing embarrassment that even managed to have his colleagues squirming and wishing they were somewhere else, Angry merely confirmed  the Old Aged Pensioner from St Marys Bay is the true Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. Hell he succeeded to make Material Girl almost a credible option and that is no mean feat.

My big regret and sadness comes with the tinkering around WWF that enmeshes so many more working folk in the net that is NZ welfare.
I hope for the day someone with cojones of a Roger Douglas ends this taxpayer top up of our basic wage structures, even a hint they might address it sometime in the future as it sends so many wrong signals to a swath of our commercial enterprise would be great.


Howie said...

No corresponding decrease in taxes to compensate for this latest gouge though is there? Farmers benefit from biosecurity controls, shouldn't they be paying?

Noel said...

MPI was formed in 2012 with the purpose of facilitating business.

The fruit fly fiasco is indication that the Border security aspects of Agriculture was allow to lapse.

Not surprising then that there is now a call on the travelling public pick up the tab for extra screening machines and dogs.

It's a tax to overcome a failure.

gravedodger said...

Howie we totally understand you are bereft of any comprehension skills so we do not need a daily reminder.

The farmers you so clearly hate due to your head in the sand socialism, benefit no more or less than you do from the amazing work done at our borders by our employees.
You see, you daft prick, a significant failure of our bio-security will impact on every single one of us unable to take refuge off shore but then a simple tall poppy chopper such as you endlessly portray yourself to be, will be unable to comprehend that eh.

User pays only applies to everyone else, not dear little Howie Smallbrain.

Noel said...

The annual cost of passenger clearance services delivered by MAF, NZ Customs Service and
NZ Immigration Service is significant (some $45 million (GST inclusive). Most of these
costs are taxpayer funded, and there are arguments in favour of recovering them by way of a
passenger clearance charge."

As seen in the media
"There are also arguments against recovering passenger clearance costs. Tourism interests
consider that a passenger clearance charge may lead to a reduction in passenger arrival
numbers if price sensitive travellers choose not to travel here."

Begs the question. If Joe taxpayer is stumping up with most of the cost at present why is he to slapped with a tax on a tax?

Surely Kiwi travellers should be exempt?

Paulus said...

It appears that the Biosecurity costs will be included within the Air Tickets.