Sunday, May 31, 2015

Supreme Arrogance

I don't think I've seen anything as cringe-worthy for a long long time as Material Turei having herself described as 'the senior female politician in opposition.'

As David Farrar rightly points out, Annette King might have something to say about that.  Of course if the useless Greens Co-Leader is still around in ten years time when King finally retires, she'll still be in opposition but for what purpose will be an eternal mystery.

As for her comments about her party's 'stellar' performance she's a bit like the bloke booming up the qualities of traction engines for farmers, a few years after the first diesel tractor appeared on the scene.


Anonymous said...

Well the pay is good and she can buy lots of nice clothes, doesn't have to take responsibility for anything other than making a noise. Cushy number.

pdm said...

anon - you summed her up very well.

So well in fact that your comment deserves to be complemented with a nom de plume.

Anonymous said...

The Greens need to ditch the co-leader paradigm. Shared leadership don't work. She is a real liability to Shaw making a real impact.