Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Necessary Core Spending, REALLY.

The useless, clueless, brainless egos that equally suspect Auckland voters have empowered to rape and pillage the citizens have now discovered they need a newer, much more plush place to meet  and pontificate as to how they can better feed those said egos.

I am at a complete loss why they cannot meet in an insulated skyline garage somewhere that involves   seriously lower land prices. Could I suggest on a bit of the buffer land that surrounds the Mangere  Waste Water Plant.

Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant.

It can be noted there is car parking on the site and another advantage from this site comes with the very small requirement for infrastructure to move the sh*t decicions that will be produced, direct to the sewerage treatment plant where they should all end up anyway.

Of course they already have a meeting place that would seem palatial to many of the peasants who will fund this latest folly but it is approximately 4 minutes walk from where the thieving superior beings want to relocate to,  for the extremely inconsequential sum of  a paltry ten million dollars

Bu bbut their supreme being and master fornicator says it will be funded from monies already set aside.

Here are the facts Lying Lascivious, Lecherous  Lenny,  a very short and concise motion with notice can move that minor sum to a more appropriate facet of your spending and although quite small in its effect on the massive 10% rate rise you are intending as your farewell gesture it would actually appear as a caring gesture to all those muppets who accepted your word that you would keep rate rises to no more than 2.5%, or were you misquoted you really meant 25% and you are well within your election pledge.
What is a pledge you ask, well  Mr Brown,  hopefully with your trousers well hitched up, a pledge is a promise, a commitment, a vow, a declaration that you will fulfil, all to hard for you then try this,  you stood in the presence of your fellow citizens and said, this I will give to you.

Still not understanding well here is another suggestion just stand outside your office and say "I QUIT" and I bet your place in history will immediately rise several percentage points, but where you stand now any movement can only be an improvement.

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The Veteran said...

Twas a sight to behold ... Auckland's 'Executive' Mayor decrying any involvement with the proposal and blaming it all on 'his' Chief Executive.

Leadership at it's best ... not.