Friday, May 1, 2015

Just send Us a Photo.....

 A female vegetarian from Wellington (would have to be a Greens voter) sent a poncy letter of complaint to the proprietor for a burger van.  You can tell by what she said (see link) that she is so far up herself she couldn't find the way out with GPS.

Among her many whinges was the complaint that her burger experience was not up to expectations.  Well lady, if you want an experience, hire a gigolo but for mine, when I go to a burger joint it's because I want a feed.

The reply from the proprietor was priceless.

When Mr Duffy responded, he asked the woman to send through a photo of herself, so he could tell his staff what she looked like.
"This will help us very much, making you easily spotted will make it way easier to tell you to f*** off in person.....," Mr Duffy's response read.

The silly bitch had the nerve to say in her letter that she was not complaining, just commenting.  Any normal person wold have simply not ever gone back to the same joint.

Lefties are all the same the world over.  Sanctimonious liars.

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