Friday, May 1, 2015

Just Give Her What She Wants.

but make dam sure she pays the extra "FEES".

Sara Jawadi is whining that she cannot borrow under sharia financial laws, for  a mortgage from our banks.

My understanding is that under Sharia Law "Interest" is a bit like bacon, sort of very very bad if you will.

When a Muslim goes to a lender to get credit, the loan is structured in different ways with the cost of the loan that we term interest and fees is not a great deal altered only the fees are a lot greater and interest does not figure.  Instead of the lender taking a ranked security over assets it will purchase the asset then ownership transfers to the borrower as the loan and 'fees' are paid until the payments are concluded in full and ownership[ becomes transferred.

In the real world the security remains ranked and in place until all payments associated are completed while "ownership" is with the borrower.

It all appears to comply with the Islamist laws so long as the word Interest does not appear all is well.

So Ms Sara Jawadi just find a lender who, if you agree to pay all the additional costs in sorting out the paperwork, will get on with it.
Could I suggest you start at the local mosque when the wailing ends and find some rich bastard, he will be the last one to stand up after prayers due to his weighty money belt and today will be a good day, being Friday and all but in your case, take care it might be fry-day

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