Saturday, May 2, 2015

It Is Not Just Me Surely?

The progress back to Australia of the carcasses of two drug barons sent to the next life by the Indonesian Justice system is becoming more and more like the funerals of New York Mobsters.
Totally OTT charade.

Yes many Australians were exercised by the executions of two greedy manipulating drug dealers who had they succeeded in bringing that 8.3 Kgs of Heroin to the Commonwealth would have resulted in the  death, illness and untold misery for the thousands of Australian Citizens who used the drugs and then many thousand more family and others associated with the victims destroyed or dead, living with that personal disaster for their remaining days.

Australian news services are including the progress as if they are on the road to sainthood, for all that is truly important they omit the salient fact they were destructive criminals who got caught and after a decade of sometimes unfathomable tortuous legal manoeuvring they were executed.
I have posted previously at least they had the benefit of a system that is clearly foretold in many public notices in airports throughout the Indonesian archipelago whereas the poor bastards who are caught in the tentacles of the islamist murdering jihadists in Iraq/Syria who the incompetent media insist on calling  executions when the facts suggest slaughter as a more accurate descriptive are dispatched in far more odious and ghastly fashion with zero due process.

Now the two drug barons and I have to say it is quite satisfying to see the puppeteers facing the ultimate penalty rather than some poor thicko as represented by "Our" Mr de Malmanche who is clearly a mere pawn, are very dead according to reports and that dear media ghouls is the end of it.
Just like Monty Pythons Norwegian Blue without the obvious ongoing entertainment value of Cleese's parrot  they are dead, deceased, gorn, no more, have ceased to be, bereft of life,  rest in peace,  so just put them in the dustbin of history and try and find some real news about something that matters.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Even the usually reliable Australian is in on the lunacy with this headline:-

"Sukumaran, Chan return to Sydney"

You'd think they were celebrities rather thaan corpses.

Anonymous said...

Let us remember this week is the week we have been recognizing the blood and guts of those at Gallipoli. These drug-dealers aren't heroes yet the media is frothing over their imminent funerals. The media sickens me!


Paulus said...

Isn't there going to be a State Funeral - you would have thought so if you lokoed at the Aussie Media. As bad as ours.

Anonymous said...
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Nookin said...

I find the death penalty abhorrent but cannot rule out the distinct possibility that there are some instances where It could be justified. We live in a society where that line is drawn beyond our level of acceptance. Not so in Indonesia. The line is clearly drawn. It is a sovereign state. Its laws reflect its people's values. It applies the law across the board. Which is why I was disappointed that the lawyer, in this case, thought it more important to express the hope that the execution might add to the weight against the death penalty. It may have been more appropriate to express the fervent hope that the executions might help put an end to drug smuggling in Indonesia.

pdm said...

God point Nookin - stopping drug smuggling will reduce if not stop the death penalty.

Noel said...

Just returned from Australia after two weeks of the beat up of the drug smugglers. From the Artist and Pastor title to lawyers claiming the Fed Police broke the law informing Indonesians.So one sided that I was forever having to inform Joe Aussie that they couldn't arrest them at their border.