Sunday, May 10, 2015

Intelligent People Would Work It Out

When will Politicians work out that most so called "celebs" are vacuous thespians who people view as merely entertaining in escape alternatives to the dreary real world inhabited by most ordinary folk.

One of the more telling missteps from vanquished Ed Miliband during his failed campaign came when "HE CALLED IN ON RUSSEL BRAND" that came to the airwaves as a rather destructive "Basil brush" show where a very animated reality TV leading light dominated a head nodding Labour leader in a long largely unintelligible diatribe that only made Red Ed look stupid and irrelevant.

Sports stars are, in the eyes of their fans,  gods but in the main only as whatever their sport portrays as great.  Authors, actors and poets live in and sometimes gain adulation for portraying idealistic images in a make believe world.

So what then emanates as supposed wisdom when an equally vacuous media try to invest them as having opinions that matter in the real world inhabited by 'worker bees' scrabbling to gather enough pollen and nectar to enable survival,  is totally laughable.

Miliband's encounter with Brand only contributed to the demise that was still a mystery to a poll obsessed media but was only too well understood by the voting public.

That is why Shorty St people, one book wonders and self obsessed media talking heads are of no moment to Joe average voter.

Maybe they will work it out, however for now it is a mirage just out of reach.

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