Friday, May 8, 2015

I Warrant Beggars Don't Pay Tax.

Intersection and carpark "window washers" are back in the news.
One long time operator was quoted as having been doing it for years to support his kids as other work was inaccessible.

Now I applaud entrepreneurial activity so long as it is
(a) Lawful,
(b) permitted,
(c) an approved place of operation,
(d) complies with legislated costs that are born by a similar enterprise elsewhere,
(e) does not involve coercion or intimidation.

Now Luke 29 claims to have been doing it for around 8 years, he has three children 6, 4 and 10 months, so it must pay well as those three additional  wealth creators were added during his vicarious life style
He also claims that if he could get work at $23 an hour he would take it.
That indicates he is apparently earning around $40k at present with no tax obligations. He is also avoiding ACC levies and for someone dodging moving traffic and the occasional obstructionist official the inherent dangers could have ACC calculations quite onerous His workplace is unmonitored by WorksafeNZ. He can take a day off for golf or fishing as and when

Is Luke an entrepreneur to be admired or is he little different to a beggar on a busy footpath/street?

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Anonymous said...

That's a tough question for me. Yes, they are a pian in the neck but I do admire their 'let's go do something' attitude. Shame there is not a more productive activity they could pursue.