Friday, May 22, 2015

Hypocrisy Writ Large! Weapons Grade Actually.

Stuff reports "Abbott Blasted Over Refugees" after the Aus PM flatly rejected a suggestion that his country, after ending the very costly, in money and human lives, people smuggling that  his predessors blatanty enabled and then milked for political advantage mercilessly, on the very real understanding that such a response only enables, encourages and facilitates the ghastly trade in human misery indulged in by 'people smugglers'

Your country is a signatory to the UN Treaty on refugees his accusors screamed.

One small problem with all that, Tony's accusors  were led by the Indonesian Foreign Minister from the nation that throughout the KRudd/Gillard years enabled that manipulative disregard for human rights to continue,  but wait there is more. Indonesia is the most populous Islamic nation in the world while the  poor bastards dieing in  the rotton hulks off Burma, fellow Muslims and being refused sanctuary in that corrupt nation with its professed national  religion of Islam,  being so vocal in condeming Tony Abbott, Indonesia is not a signatory to that UN Treaty.


Noel said...

Keeping the boats out is estimated at 3 billion dollars to date.
On top of that is around 7000 detainees that are reported to cost more per day than a room in a plush Sydney hotel.

Does beg the question it that cost sustainable in the long term?

gravedodger said...

So Noel you support People smuggling I guess you also are very chastened that Slavery, another profiteering scheme of trading in poor bastards who are just chattels, was ended by people such as Wilberforce and Lincoln.

Btw you omitted the value lost when thousands who die and are still dying as avaricious bastards take their money and put them in valueless rotten hulks and do not give a tinkers whether they live or die.

Glad you cleared that up, heartless bastard enabler.