Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How Socialists Waste My Money

Last night The federal Budget was delivered in the Australian parliament.

Those who want detailed comment can find truckloads of it on the net.

But take a closer look at this story.

When you go to this link you'll see no mention  of a million dollar advertising campaign by the SA state gummint.   It was there two hours ago but the ABC has removed that bit from the story as it looks bad for Labor.

But don't worry.  Here it is.

"From next July, the SA Government plans to pass on a federal budget spending cut to the state's pensioners by withdrawing the concessions they get on local council rates, meaning an annual hit of $190 for some households........

.........South Australian federal Liberal frontbencher Jamie Briggs expressed his anger at the $1 million campaign.

Just  what does the State Gummint (Labor) of South Australia think it's doing spending a million dollars of hard earned tax payers' money to lobby the Federal Gummint (Liberal) on fiscal policy?

Just imagine the uproar from Auckland ratepayers if Lyen Brown spent $1 million dollars advertising the 'benefits' of his train set.

Labour/Labor - ratbags, wherever you find them.

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