Saturday, May 2, 2015

How About Some Reason People.

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Hopeful Christian aka Neville Cooper started a Christian sect/cult at Springbank between Rangiora and Cust in North Canterbury in the late 1960s.
With  much mystery and rumour surrounding a group so obviously 'different', Australian pastor and leader Cooper was arrested, charged, convicted and jailed for around 10 sex crimes in 1994 some three years after he led his people  to a new beginning near Lake Haupiri under the main divide some 40 kms East of Moana on the shores of Lake Brunner.

Around the time Cooper started his outfit at Springbank another very different leader of a cult set up the centerpoint commune in Albany not with religious features but drugs were involved in criminal problems and underage sex charges that  had Leader Bert Potter sent to the corrections department for time out but of course he was innocent just ask. Well you cant actually as Bert went  somewhere else in 2012.

In 1970 I  had moved to my first farm in what is now the Waipara Grape district just north of the Junction of SH1 and SH 7. Soon after for no reason I am aware of,  another strange dude with a bunch of idolising followers moved from suburban Aranui in Christchurch to a narrow block of land sandwiched between the realigned SH 1 and the Old highway where they built Camp David to prepare for the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. Now my Dad was a bit cynical and pithy and when he heard of that suggestion, having lived in Canterbury all of his then 70 years stated with much conviction; 'why would the good lord Jesus choose such an arid godforsaken place as Camp David that was being built  for his second coming". Then again my dear old Dad had never visited the areas of The Holy Land that Jesus had lived in 2000 years ago and those lands were not exactly lush and green either.
I digress, the good Doctor Douglas Metcalfe was just another manipulator of the stupid and his followers were in thrall to the man who gained his doctorate in philosophy from some mail order outfit in the Mid West of the United States. I knew some of those who were either in his sect/cult in Aranui or were gathered into the fold after the move North.

Now toss in the much larger personality cult we know as Destiny Church in South Auckland, then Bahai, Hindu, Buddist, Islam New Life, Elim, Quakers, Moonies, Seventh day Adventists, Mormons, Exclusive Brethren,  Scientology, plus the very manipulative and persuasive televangelists and a little study leads me to wonder why the bunch of adherents living in possibly a most inhospitable bit of Westland are so bad, "WHY".

Catholic clergy have been systematically kiddy fiddling and sexually abusing those that are supposedly in their care since for ever.

Some are choosing to make a case against Cooperites for being Tax exempt, so what church listed above does not obtain such benefit and we can include machinery trading enterprises throughout NZ, Sanitarium, and all the Maori tribal outfits that have been so extensively funded by the TOW rorts and that small matter becomes swamped rapidly under the fact that so few of us are Paying all the bloody Income and Company tax.

I think the Cooperites are just a very small cog in what is a serious tax rort and their alleged sex offending is not much different to that which is well documented as occurring in so many other manipulative and controlling environments operating under a plethora of cultural and systemically dysfunctional outfits in the minds of many.

I am not defending what I see as a very controlling outfit but one aspect of democracy I hold dear is the freedom for people to do what they will and say what they think and the weak who allow anyone to own their soul, their being, and their beliefs is a victim for sure but any legislative measure to protect  the stupid from themselves will inevitably cause much wider and destructive outcomes for those who value personal freedoms.

That leaves me thinking why is The Gloriavale Christian Community the focus at present? the pack working in concert seems a likely basic reason, so who will be next.


Howie said...

So, you're fine with an outfit of pedophile-led brainwashed slave workers who beat and do God knows what else to children and rort the tax system. The reason you're fine with it is because (apparently) everyone's doing it! Yet you're petrified of muzzies.

gravedodger said...

You really are retarded howie.
Could you document the beheadings, the queers tossed off high buildings, the sucicide bombers, roadside bombs, AK47s, rpgs, stonings, hacking off of hands, hangings from cranes, from Coopers bunch.

Psycho Milt said...

...why is The Gloriavale Christian Community the focus at present?

Because it's a bunch of guys who've set up a cult aimed at providing them with slave labour and lots of sex with girls young enough to be their daughters/granddaughters. It's not some kind of difficult conundrum.

Howie said...

Gravedodger, could you document the beheadings, the queers tossed off high buildings, the sucicide (sic) bombers, roadside bombs, AK47s, rpgs, stonings, hacking off of hands, hangings from cranes, committed by the New Zealand Muslim community. And while you're about it please document the the creation by the New Zealand Muslim community of creepy slave workshops rorting the taxpayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Thanks!

gravedodger said...

And not a single strand of Barbed wire, no electrified wire, ditches, guard towers, armed soldiers in any of the edited images from Casinada's 24 hour visit.
Why they are there is a total mystery to my belief systems but they are free to go as the many who have chosen to, have done. Yes departing the only life they have known is daunting to a massive degree that we can only imagine but many throughout the world are restrained by such psychological constraints but to be effective there must be a degree of overt force and I saw nothing remotely such as that in lastnights Seven Sharp effort.

I have no wish to join a club where members choose to get their gear off but I also have zero desire to stop them from such unfathomable indulgence.

@ Milt I have no knowledge of your allegations of the scale of sexual offending you allude to other than The now apparently decrepit old founder who was convicted and served time, so I think some further evidence might be helpful.
The number is 0800 400 800 then again what you are claiming ammounts to a teaspoon of goatpoo and they have enough of that already.

The current model as represented by The Gloriavale Christian Community would have serious problems if the new 0800 police info line garners evidence to support such unfounded quite serious allegations and with so many having departed in the last couple of years such evidence must be pretty scarce. That said I'm prepared to await further information for now, though the Salem Witch trials are increasingly relevant for me.

@ Howie you can seek plenty of evidence for my claims about ISIS/ISOL degrading from utube and google but I guess it is easier to just act dumb and in your case you aint acting.
As for the NZ Islamic community, I never suggested they were active participants but by there silence and clear acquiescence they are complicit.

Howie said...

"by there (sic) silence and clear acquiescence they are complicit."

What silence or acquiescence to the activities of ISIS would that be?

And comparing the questions being asked of this nasty, exploitative,H pedophile-led christian cult to the Salem witch trials is very strange of you.

gravedodger said...

Howie while you are being so fucking pedantically correct perhaps you could give us your view on the difference between a cult and a sect as I understand the largely Christian based 'cooperites' are a sect and not a cult.
If they were indeed a cult as you continue to claim (based on a mistaken belief that some how cults are badder) what apart from being very very different in so many ways that clearly challenge some peoples views is so troubling.

They do not afaik peddle drugs, protection and crime beyond their boundaries so I wonder why you do not give the same level of scrutiny to say the Mongrel Mob and other race based gangs that are well documented as causing seriously extensive crime of so many types. My guess would be, a dysentery causing innate fear of them coming after you.

Howie said...

You accuse me of pedantry for some strange reason, and then suggest I am applying the term cult incorrectly, when I mean sect. The pedophile-led brainwashers fit the definition of a cult almost perfectly, even if they don't do drugs. Look it up.

What has the mongrel mob got to do with the cooperite cult? Your style of argument consists entirely of distraction and evading the point. Even for a right-winger that's asinine.

gravedodger said...

Howie, in my considered opinion the race based gangs in NZ and that includes white supremacists, pose a far greater threat to our way of life than that bunch at Gloriavale so I guess I am wondering what motivates your concerns although I suspect it is their declared adoration of Christian beliefs that has you so exercised.

As for me, like so many other problems we face, what those people do on their property is the concern for the police if law is being broken, the IRD if Tax is being evaded, the DHB if health is at risk, The Education Dept if schooling is at risk and welfare if there are any issues the come under their sweeping powers.
As for the Jackels who are intent on ripping the body apart I guess I am saying there are other far more pressing problems that need urgent attention but once blood is smelt then people such as yourself will just run, harass and then try to attack but only in concert never alone.
By all means allow the sunlight to shine on them but making shit up and then throwing it from a lofty position of anonymity is not my way until they threaten me and/or mine. So far that hasn't happened.

Until membership is made compulsory I will leave them to be as fruitcake as they desire.

Very strange how many who express concern at national security, the GCSB, The SIS, the police and the power of the state become so involved in kicking a bunch of Christians, term used loosely, for daring to be different in their desire to live in their own community.
Best get on your bike and patrol your suburb who knows what might be going on, even possibly right next door.

Lets invite Godwin into things as it is so easy to see how the Jews, the Gypsys, the queers, the communists and all the other poor bastards that were seen to be in the path of the Aryan Super race
became forced labour and then ashes in the mouth of a supposed civilised people.

Oh and in passing the involvement of misappropriated weapons, ammunition and military equipment by Dr Metcalfe's adherents at Waipara in the 1970s was more than a little alarming for we who lived a mere 3 miles distant, now that represented a very worrying potential threat, far greater than that apparent from the brainwashed at Gloriavale.

Howie said...

My goodness, so now even questioning the practices of brain-washing slave creating pedophiles is being Hitler. And besides, gangs or something. Hysterical much?