Saturday, May 23, 2015

Gold Medal Rio 2016 put the farm on it.

Went over to the Abyss to see how the dopy left were coping with Nationals most cunning operator since Muldoon fooled so many all those years ago to be greeted with the most amazing floor exercise in years of world gymnastic excellence.

Forget the lefty budget of Simon Says the venomous attack leading TDB was a protest that a public company management had taken steps to protect their Shareholder investment and dared to kill off a money losing TV show
Almost maniacal lefty Martin Martyn Bradbury protesting capitalism with messianic fervor since for ever, now protesting a capitalistic icon in NZ Media Works, now owned by Ironbridge Investments Australia, for ending a capitalist icon of Japan,  Mazda  sponsored tv reality show, Campbell Live. So suddenly capitalists have offended socialists and that has to change' meanwhile he  ignored the elephant in the market place, Red Radio NZ an acknowledged  haven for socialist sympathy driven journalists (advisedly),  funded entirely by poor bloody taxpayers.

When did the last hope for broadcast socialist dogma  lie solely with a free market aberration that has the lefties so exercised, or is it dawning that the whining carping of the moronic left is being ignored for now by too many.

Hello Martin Muppet, if a voice for the left is so important then take some of the ill-gotten gains of the unions that get burnt, year in year out on the moribund fossilised NZLP and start up a socialist radio network, instead of whining about freemarket operators who on discovering it is a losing proposition see the light and give idealogical  money losing socialist supporting media the DCM.

Bradbury's confusion has somersaults, back flips and whirling spins that would win a medal anywhere.
Do love them, hate them or do you just want them to do your bidding, sorry that is not how it works.

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