Thursday, May 14, 2015

George Summed It Up.

Traditional lists of the seven deadly sins have six beginning with a consonant that gives them a harsh threatening tone while the seventh with a softer vowel as its initial letter is possibly the most destructive, corrosive and covert of the emotional drivers for the left.

Wrath is an explosive sin and in most cases rapidly subsides to allow a more rational being to re-emerge.
Greed and Sloth are very easily revealed by the trail of accumulated baggage and it could be that Gluttony is in that group.
Pride and Lust quickly reveal in behavioural traits but the soft sounding one, Envy is a more deeply buried sin. Many successfully keep their envy from manifesting as a clear and present peril.

I note from a very minor announcement in Stuff that the Little General is musing about the resurrecting of the Capital Gains Tax, rest assured it will come from the party that embraces every one of the Cardinal Sins and it will be accompanied by death duties to balance the state carriage.

Envy is a serious motivator for socialism as it is so easy to use it as a vote attraction. It starts out on the shop floor where a great employee might be paid more as an appreciation and retention device but that sensible economic based fact will be rapidly morphed into a base reason to pay all at a higher rate. Move it out to the public at large and using inane emotive dribble such as "poverty" and "the one percent", remove them from economic reality and there is a guaranteed voter bait.
Alas most of the poor sods enamoured of the totally false flag that paying for skills, and success is to be envied and hullo there is the next socialist wealth redistribution troughing bunch to wreak havoc on the state bank balances seated at the Speakers right hand.

Then comes the hypocrisy so well illustrated by George Orwell in his satirical "Animal Farm" where the proletariat as represented by the animals over throw the Farmer and set out to run things in a "fairer and more equal way".

The closing lines of the satirical work has the pigs in the farm house in a situation of plenty entertaining new found friends from the supposedly hated humans walking  upright on two legs while all the other animals that survived the "revolution" looking in through the windows and noting how similar to the supposedly hated "two Legged Humans",  the pigs had become.
In the case of socialists who become elevated to wealth and position they totally embrace all the accoutrements that inspire capitalists to success, just don't admit such hypocrisy to the proletariat.


Noel said...

You forgetting things again old man.
Blair's parody was about Stalin's Communism not socialism.

Not surprised you got it wrong. When it was mandatory reading during my school years the right was chasing reds under the bed.

gravedodger said...

Ageist Wank Noel, take your hand off it and concentrate on the post, I accept you cannot multitask.

My Post was about how so often socialist theory is based on a perception of envy as a ploy to make their insatiable desire to tax, spend and thereby control acceptable to enough voters to ensure election.

It was never intended to be a treatise on socialism per se or its commonality with Communism which for your information is basically an entrenched political socialism.

Eric Arthur Blair was not the author of Animal Farm that was the Birth name of the author, pen named George Orwell and It would be a very few who would know that and even fewer who would use such trivia to assert imagined

I note your supercilious use of Blair's birth identity totally ignored the basic facet of the post about 'Envy'.