Friday, May 8, 2015

George Moala is one lucky Man.

Some day it will dawn on the Justice minions that violence is  not ever OK unless as a part of provable self defence, and to deliver a non conviction on the basis it could be judged as very unfair and having repercussions beyond what is reasonable only succeeds in degrading the justice system.

So Sir John Kirwan opines that Moala is "a good man", I wonder how he would react if the good man with clearly demonstrable inability in how normal people behave, had given the bash to Kirwan's child or another family member.

Last weekend another sporting legend in his own mind was permitted to box under world jurisdictions for  world titles and mind numbing sums of dosh and the recorded fact he has bashed his missus is of no matter.

Sorry Moneyweather, Kirwasnt, and the last in many judges who subscribe to the theory that sometimes it is OK and allow thugs to escape repercussions for illegal acts, there will be another George Moala in front of you sooner rather than later and the fact that he would watch his rugby career go down the toilet is something George should have considered  a long time ago.

If a fully trained Surgeon used their enormous talent to sever the head from the torso of someone who upset them, would that moment of madness be treated as George's actions using his finely tuned and trained physical form in his offending.
I don't think so, so  in the inevitable eventual realisation that rugby thugs are just another offender who failed to behave within the law and deserve the same penalties as a deadbeat from Remuera or a very talented surgeon from Otara our justice system is destined to remain a very sick joke.

And that George is why you should accept your good luck, the numpties and appeasers have not woken up, yet

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pdm said...

An unbelievable and unfathomable decision. I trust the Police or the Crown Solicitor will appeal the sentence.