Friday, May 8, 2015

Gee Needing some sauce with that.

The Election too close to call was a convincing win for Cameron and The Conservative Party.

TVOne's headline: Ed Miliband almost nearly conceding,  was someone a little bit pregnant?

Gee it was a rat too far for the NZLP training centre to realise their latest socialist success was in reality "ashes in their mouths".

The UK Labour party has had a hold so strong on the Scottish seats it was predicted UK Labour  would be out of power for decades if Devolution had prevailed.
The Scottish Nationalists have swept the northern realm that was united  with the English throne when James the 1st succeeded Elizabeth the 1st as James the 1st of the United Kingdom the son of executed Mary Queen of Scots and amalgamated the realms.

Hopefully the race based politics do not destroy the Union although that said had Devolution succeeded it would have been economic disaster  for the Celts with the plunging oil and gas markets.


Anonymous said...

Poor BBC will be in mourning for months - the last few weeks on their news has been particularly sycophantic towards the Left. Street interviews at one point included opinions from a teenager too young to vote, yet he recommended people vote Labour because they were promising "free" university education. Sounds familiar.


Howie said...

Ha ha. Your beloved UKIP got totally done over. Hilarious, but it does show how utterly stupid the FPP system you guys all love really is, non?

pdm said...

Why Howie - you get a clear result and a Government not hamstrung by having to coalesce with a minor party which thinks it runs the show.

Interesting that Ed Balls lost his seat - I thought he was the one to take over from Ed Miliband when he was dumped. Now Balls wife Yvette Cooper is being touted as the new leader of the Labour Party.

Howie said...

You get a clear result that doesn't reflect the will of the people, and in this case disenfranchises 3m UKIP voters while giving a bunch of secessionist nutters over 50 seats. Such a system is democracy in name only. The best thing we ever did was reject it repeatedly.

The Veteran said...

Howie ... you can't have it both ways old son. You bemoan the fact the system gave the SNP (sucessionist nutters ... your words) 56 seats while disenfranchising 3.9m UKIP voters (twats ... your words in another thread).

Scotland spoke in spades and Labour paid the price for having taken their votes for granted. Tough.

And if the system is good enough to edit out the xenophobic and racist UKIP then that's a plus too.

Stupid to change.

Howie said...

Yeah, well you're afraid of democracy. It's a right-wing thing driven by a deep seated hatred of other people.