Wednesday, May 13, 2015




Lucia Maria said...

You have a strange sense of humour! I got bored after the first few exchanges. I know, I know, I've probably spent too much time debating with atheists.

The Veteran said...

LM .... I just wished the Chaplain had the sense to 'lighten up' and realize that he was being played like a fiddle.

His faith should be robust enough for him to respond in kind.

I have met a good number of Ministers and Priests who would have given the 'gentleman' a good run for his money.

Noel said...

That preticked box reminded me of Army services on Sunday. If you opted out it was picking up cigarette butts.

Great to see that the Ministry of Education is now dealing to those other ministries who have sneaked into the State Schools using their own believers to carry it out.
As an ex PTA President am well versed in their techniques.

Ciaron said...

Missing Missy is hands down, Thornes best work.

Noel said...

"More schools are choosing an ''opt in'' system to avoid backlash from parents unhappy about their children taking part in religious instruction.

Christchurch mum Tanya Jacob is leading the fight against a law that permits religion being taught in state schools after her son was made to wash dishes for opting out of bible class at his school."

Geez I was picking up butts in the 1960's.

Time the Ministry stopped defaulting to the cop out Boards of Trustees are responsible to decide.

Same for the "donation". Allow it to be called what it is a fee or go the Treasury for it.