Tuesday, May 19, 2015

First up Ms Peters Tell Us The Compensation !

 Auckland Regional Public Health Service s'poke into every ones business' person is railing against "Dairys" and their location.
Now I rarely go near one as their product is poor value, due to supply costs that see the operators buying specials in bulk at the major supermarkets, it is indeed, only as a last resort.  Such an event became a diary entry yesterday as we wended our way home and SWMBO wanted an icecream in a cone, but very much an exception.
However as a sheer convenience for some of the more mobility restrained amongst us, the 'Local Dairy' is gods gift. That they follow good marketing protocols is merely a necessity and sweets, sugary drinks, chippies and other foods loathed and hated by the "food Nazis" will be a big part of turnover.
Yes having a socalled purveyor of all that is bad near a school could be said to access a market that the Gestapo is trying to target for extinction ie fat kids but do we seriously think for a moment it makes their problem greater, kids want something they will get it.
Should you want to prove me in error Ms Peters then buy a dairy near a bloody school that is in trouble for any of the myriad of reasons that befall them, and restock it with your ideas of "healthy product", run it how you see as the ideal commercial process from your perspective and I will warrant you will be in liquidation in a month.
 So Ms 'clever clogs' Peters  just stop your income justification before some irate pensioner who happens to live near a school runs you down with their mobility scooter.
Dairys are not called convenience outlets because they offer a free public toilet, they are actually convenient for many with limited options. That dumbarse parents cant see their spawn eating themselves to illhealth will not be solved by stopping a pensioner buying a treat or a necessity for whatever reason.

Oh and then tell the Successful Dairy owners and operators what compensation you will pay, where it will be funded from and how you will stop another outlet opening right on whatever limit you set from a school gate and stop it selling what the bloody buyers want.

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