Friday, May 15, 2015

Do You Understand It?

because I sure as hell struggle.

Always vg value with her revelations and research around welfare, stated in simple terms, Lindsay Mitchell muses as to what Whanau Ora is.

With Lynne Provost joining the confused we really need to have a wider understanding of the sinkhole that began when Helen Clark and  later co-leader of the only race based political party remaining in our Parliament, now retired Turiana Turia, hatched a curates egg while they were united buddies in the NZLP.

Lindsay revisits the riddle  wrapped in a mystery in an  enigma.

Messers Key, English and Flavell need to make a greater effort to divulge exactly what is delivered by the mounting millions because from my perch the stats on Maroi outcomes away from the glitter of the tax exempt beneficiaries, ie Iwi corporate entities, things still have a serious tarnish about them.
Crime, health, incarceration, drugs, alcohol, violence, diet, employment et al might have moved to better statistical outcomes but is Whanau Ora an answer or not.


The Veteran said...

GD ... I too struggle with Whanau Ora. I understand the concept but, as with many things in Maoridom, the pathway forward is littered with large sink-holes made deeper by an ingrained sense of entitlement promoted by decades of exposure to a culture of hand-outs. That is what Sir Apirina Ngata warned against back in 1936.

It is no comfort to note that this is the reality of MMP politics and serves as a salutory reminder to all those who would argue the virtues of proportional representation. This is what you get when tail wags dog. Some good deals (Charter Schools); some bad deals (Families Commission). Whanau Ora is going to have to massively smarten up its act if it is not to be remembered as a good idea gone bad.

I would argue that a even greater rort is the second tier level of claims being accepted by the Waitangi Tribunal. Case at point .... right now the Tribunal is considering a claim by a small number of Maori Vietnam Veterans that they are deserving of special treatment over and above their Pakeha colleagues. What codswallop. We lived together; we fought together; we ate together; we drank together; we laughed together; we cried together and we even died together.

The notion that a veteran is deserving of special treatment based on the colour of his skin is abhorrent.

pdm said...

Surely the Waitangi Tribunal will chuck that one out smartly Vet.

The Veteran said...

pdm ... doesn't appear to be the case and may I be forgiven for stealing your ndp.

Noel said...

Wondering when you would raise the Claim.Just accept that not all Vietnam Veterans were happy with the outcome of the MoU. An outcome that was never brought back to the rank and file for ratification.
Good luck to them.

Howie said...

"It is no comfort to note that this is the reality of MMP politics and serves as a salutory reminder to all those who would argue the virtues of proportional representation. "

Not really. Think Big, the wage and price freeze and the botched privatisations of Roger Douglas are just three examples of the "virtues" of FPP are they?

The Veteran said...

Noel ... crap. If veterans are unhappy with the MoU then the way forward is to lobby for change as a collective as has happened witness the one free medical check as per the original agreement now changed to an annual check.

The then Labour/NZ First Govt negotiated the MoU with RNZR&SA and EVSA in good faith. It was the best on offer. You were never going to get unanimous agreement from the 3,380 who served given that some believed and still believe they should be compensated by Lotto style payouts.

This pitting Maori soldietrs against their Pakeha brothers is wrong and devisive. It's an abuse of process aided and abetted by some in the legal fraternity who have supped long and hard at the teat of public funding for resolution of the claims process. They have a vested interest in the continuation of the grievance industry.

For Howie ... we agree to disagree. Please continue to promote your giant leap backwards as the way forward. The class war continues and must continue. I understand that and so does your nice Mr whatshisname.