Tuesday, May 19, 2015


for focusing on the things that really matter to Mr & Mrs Average New Zealander with their call for gender changing surgery (assessed to cost in the order of $70,000+) to be made available as of right and free of charge .    You can view the report here

No matter that Party Leader whatshisname said "its not a matter I've given a great deal of thought to".    No matter that a Party insider said the issue was a real distraction.   No matter that Stuart Nash, one of the few shining lights in the Parliamentary Labour Party, slammed the proposal and voted against it ... the damage is done.

Yet again is Labour exposed as controlled by activists who have no idea of the aims and aspirations of middle New Zealand.

And long may it continue.


Anonymous said...

It could be solved more economically by finding a bloke who wants to be a girl, a girl who wants to be a bloke and doing a below the neck body transplant. Then they can contribute to the transaction by working out their own hairstyle and shaving arrangements.


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

Didn't you just love Little Andy's poem. I was wondering about 'Skid' Marks outburst yesterday. It seems he had his timing wrong, it was meant to be during Andy's reading